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1st cycle students receive first Magalhães

البرازيل تزور مصنع Magalhães

Next Tuesday, the first Magalhães laptops will be delivered by the Government to students of the first cycle. The goal is to deliver two thousand units by the end of the month.

The delivery of laptops should take place simultaneously in eight municipalities: Amadora, Castelo Branco, Matosinhos, Paredes, Ponte da Barca, Portel, Sabrosa and Resende.

The portal of the Magalhães Initiative refers to the first delivery to the Municipality of Sabrosa, more specifically to the Miguel Torga School (EB 2/3 of Sabrosa), stating that this municipality would have been chosen because it is one of those that is considered the birthplace of the navigator Fernão de Magellan. However, the Diário de Notícias reports today that the municipality of Ponte da Barca is the first of eight municipalities where the laptop will be delivered, precisely because it claims to be the birthplace of the navigator.

Remember that Magalhães is a portable computer specially designed for students from 6 to 10 years old, attending the first cycle of basic education, being based on the Classmate design by Intel and produced in Portugal by JP Sá Couto in partnership with Prológica .

The Government’s objective is to distribute 500 thousand laptops to first cycle students who can have access to the equipment at zero cost, if they belong to families in the first echelon of school support, with those in the second echelon paying 20 euros and the remaining 50 euros .

Schools will be the center of Magalhães’ distribution, and parents should look for information in the establishments and not on a central website as in the e-schools program. Last week, teachers in some establishments received training on Magalhães to be prepared for the new reality.

The laptop produced in Portugal should also be exported to Venezuela, with Namibia and Macau also being able to feature on the Magalhães navigation routes.

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