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1Password X takes the famous password manager in full version into your browser

Users of the iOS / macOS worlds must have heard of the 1Password, basically the best password manager (and personal data) that exists for both platforms.

This week, developer AgileBits took a big step to expand the reach of 1Password. While it still had simply extensions for browsers that communicated with the main app, the 1Password X a full version of it that runs directly on browsers.

With 1Password X, you have the full experience of the software within the browser itself (in this first version only missing specific features, such as an independent password generator). This makes it faster and even more integrated to browse the web, as shown in the screenshot at the top of this article.

1Password X offers keyboard shortcut navigation, intelligent search, contextual memory, automatic filling of logins, passwords and two-factor authentication codes, filling in dialog boxes and more.

As it runs directly in the browser, another positive consequence of the novelty is that for the first time 1Password is also available for Linux and Chrome OS users. It is worth trying, but remembering that independent / native apps will continue to be available as well (not least because they do not require a subscription):

1Password - Password Manager app icon

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