1Password now warns you if your passwords are leaked; LinkedIn and Amazon Alexa get news

Ícone do 1Password no Dock do macOS

And here we are again with the most important recent updates from App Store! Shall we go to them?


1Password - Password Manager app icon

1Password 7 - Password Manager app icon

The famous password manager has gained a new feature, probably inspired by the new features of Safari 14: in its version 7.6, 1Password starts to warn the user if any of their passwords is exposed in a data leak or something.

The novelty is part of watch-tower (Watchtower), the 1Password section responsible for your security and the protection of your data. With the update, users can also configure the notifications they receive from the guardian – so that the software does not beep every five minutes warning of an event that does not interest them, for example.

In addition, the new version of 1Password allows you to edit existing safes and delete those you no longer need; it also has a new tag editor to mark each saved information with an appropriate tag and keep your passwords always organized. The news are available on iOS / iPadOS and macOS.


LinkedIn app icon

Have you ever encountered difficulties in finding the correct pronunciation of a professional contact? LinkedIn thought of exactly that: from its new version, it is possible to add a voice clip up to ten seconds to your profile, telling network users how your name is pronounced.

The recording can be made in the network apps for iOS and Android, and will be available on the website and on the LinkedIn apps – just click / tap on the speaker icon next to the person’s name. The novelty will be made available to all network users by the end of this month.


Amazon Alexa app icon

Finally, Amazon’s digital assistant app is even easier to use: from now on, you can use Alexa hands-free on iOS and Android – just say “Alexa” when the app is open to perform your command, no longer having to press the blue button on the screen to do so.

Obviously, we are not talking about the complete Alexa experience – you cannot evoke the assistant with the iPhone locked or while using another app, for example. At least, it is possible to make a good workaround: ask Siri to open the application and then use it normally. ?