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1Password for iOS is now “freemium”, but current users get Pro features

One of the most awaited updates for iOS 8, the 1Password, is already available on the App Store. The new version at 5.0 and it comes full of news.

1Password for iOS 8

1Password for iOS 8

But before we talk about what has changed, a clarification: just yesterday we highlighted 1Password in our promotions column (“MM na App $ tore”), but it * is * not on promotion. 1Password now "Freemium", that is, free to download but with some Pro features available via an internal purchase of $ 10. The good news? Those who already had 1Password 4 get all of them for free.

What's new in 1Password 5 includes support for Touch ID for login, direct integration with Safari, extension in various apps, synchronization via Wi-Fi with attachments, improved communication with iCloud and much more. The Pro package allows the insertion of different types of items in the app's database, organization in folders and tags, creation of multiple safes, among others.

The lives of 1Password users on iOS will certainly change from now on.

1Password - Password Manager app icon

(tip from Rafael Gustavo Gali)