1App4PT aligns 7 guiding principles for a tracking app to COVID-19

1App4PT aligns 7 guiding principles for a tracking app to COVID-19

As the scientific community struggles to find a cure for COVID-19, several technological solutions for disease tracking have emerged around the world. However, the use of applications has generated controversy, raising questions about their effectiveness, privacy and social inclusion.

In Portugal, the launch of STAYAWAY COVID, an application that will help health authorities track infected people, is coming soon and 1App4PT wants to help clarify issues that may arise regarding the technological solution.

In a statement, the working group of the tech4COVID19 movement explains that the goal is not to develop a tracking application, but rather to help researchers and authorities to devise it. 1App4PT believes that it is necessary to put technology at the service of the population and calls for joint discussion of the problems between government agencies, civil society and companies, in order to enhance their benefits.

The team also wants to help citizens to be better informed about the use of contact tracking applications. Highlighted is the discussion of issues such as privacy and security, as well as the consequences for the epidemiological management of the country and the health of users.

What principles should guide the development of tracking apps?

According to Pedro Fortuna, spokesman for the 1App4PT project, questions about data security and user privacy have been discussed in a unified and unclear manner, generating suspicion among the population.