19th APDC Congress - Web fountains pass through mobile phones and video

19th APDC Congress – Web fountains pass through mobile phones and video

19th APDC Congress - Web fountains pass through mobile phones and video

The appetite of users for video content and the mobile Internet, especially with access to content on smartphones, is shaping the strategies of the main players in this market that recognize its potential, although they admit that they are still looking for the right business model for monetize investment.

Among the participants in a panel of the 19th APDC Congress, Celso Martinho, technical director of SAPO, was one of those who underlined the strong bet that the company is making in the multiplatform strategy. «We are making a big effort for mobile with the development of applications for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. We also have a mobile portal and we are transforming SAPO content for SAPO Mobile at a very high speed», he explained this person in charge of the largest Portuguese portal.

The strategy also involves television, where SAPO content already has a fixed presence through Meo, guaranteeing Celso Martinho that in the coming months a series of news in this area will appear.

Also on the IOL side, the growth opportunities that arise on mobile platforms make this channel very desirable. Inês Valadas believes that 2010 will not yet be the year in which the potential of mobile advertising will be realized, but admits that «2011 will be the first real year in mobile advertising».

Inês Valadas also points out the video as an area of ​​great potential, but here «everything is still to be done» because there are no sustainability models yet.

Jorge Santos from Clix / Sonaecom and Miguel Caldas, from Microsoft Portugal, are aligned with the same idea, although with different experiences that combine paper and the Internet, in the case of the first, with the vision of the three screens (phone, PC and TV), right at the heart of Microsoft’s strategy.

On the Google side, there is also a clear perception that the areas of mobility and video are those of great explosion. «25% of media consumption in Portugal is already done online», recalls Paulo Barreto. The company is already translating the YouTube experience to television and this is one of the ways that will be reinforced in the future.

More skeptical, Pedro Carrasqueiro, from AEIOU, the Impresa portal, has some doubts about the possibility of making advertising on mobile phones profitable, not least because the display advertising model occupies a significant space on the (already small) screens of mobile phones. Therefore, Impresa is betting more on the hyperlocal model and with very specific content and advertising and opportunity.