19th APDC Congress – Viatecla wants to democratize video platforms

19th APDC Congress - Viatecla wants to democratize video platforms

Viatecla today launched a new video content platform with which it intends to democratize distribution, ensuring easy licensing for small producers who want to distribute their videos directly to consumers or control distribution by others players market share. «The video production market is exploding and the Internet is enabling new business models that can be explored with this platform», Pedro Seabra, Viatecla CEO explained to TeK.

The solution was developed by the national technology company in the last year and a half, but it takes advantage of the experience of developing Web platforms that it already had with Dotonthebox, a spin off of the company, as well as in the Tourism area where Viatecla has made a big bet. But, despite the internal development, this solution was made in an open way and turned to the outside, seeking to respond directly to the needs identified in the market, through customers.

Bridge4Media guarantees the management of the entire lifecycle of digital video content, from its availability to commercialization, ensuring all flexibility and security in terms of DRM, all on a single platform. THE video on demand, but also video distribution for mobile platforms are some of the possible applications.

Pedro Seabra guarantees that the licensing system is the great differentiation compared to other solutions that already exist on the market, such as those from Microsoft and Alcatel. «This platform allows small producers to find business models on the Internet or on IP networks, but also for large producers to make more sober movements, appropriate to the current crisis situation», he underlines.

The potential market in Portugal is large but the target it is clearly the international market, where Viatecla already has a partner, acetrax, which positions itself as a content hub, and through which solutions have already been implemented in Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy. «Web video and the potential of new generation networks will support these solutions and organizations will want safe, efficient and multichannel tools to distribute their content», justifies Pedro Seabra who admits that the company is not laying all its eggs in this basket, but at least the «golden eggs».