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19th APDC Congress – Technological Plan will reinforce growth and internationalization measures

19th APDC Congress - Technological Plan will reinforce growth and internationalization measures

A key element in the previous legislature, the Technological Plan maintains its importance and the leadership of Carlos Zorrinho, now Secretary of State for Energy and Innovation, although with a context more adapted to the current situation. With the maturity of the project, the measures are no longer defined in the creation of bases of physical infrastructures or competencies, but in the internationalization and competitiveness of the economy, the Secretary of State told TeK today, on the sidelines of the APDC Congress.

«In my perspective and in what is my reading of the country’s economic situation, the new measures will no longer be so much for creating context, but that will allow us to grow more, be more international and create more jobs, the key issue that we will have now with the revision of the Technological Plan «, underlined Carlos Zorrinho.

In his intervention in the second panel of the Congress, Carlos Zorrinho had admitted that the Technological Plan has reached a point of maturity and that it is necessary to make a transformation of the effort and its application in employment and economic growth. In this new political cycle, the key words are modernization and internationalization, but also proximity «to take oxygen from resources where there is living economic tissue», he said.

Despite the organic change, the Technological Plan’s functioning will be similar to that maintained in the Coordination Office. «The Technological Plan has long since ceased to have a closed agenda. It was initially because it was necessary to start somewhere, in a set of 78 measures, but what we have done since then is to remove measures that are no longer needed or to accept suggestions from ministries, groups of citizens or companies and put them on the ground. And we will continue to do that «, explains Carlos Zorrinho.

Periodically, there will be consultative councils of the Technological Plan, where the initiatives carried out will be taken into account and new measures will be presented, in the meantime, with the support of the councilors, but for now no date is set for the next meeting.