19th APDC Congress – Congress kicks off at an economic and political turning point

19th APDC Congress - Congress kicks off at an economic and political turning point

In the year that marks the 25th anniversary of the creation of the association, APDC chose the «Turning Point» as the theme of the 19th Congress, marking the current turning point in economic and political terms. «The moment is of anguish and crisis, but it brings a sense of urgency to create a better world», underlined Diogo Vasconcelos, president of APDC, at the opening of the event that takes place today and tomorrow – 18th and 19th November – at the Centro de Lisbon Congresses.

The Minister of Economy, Vieira da Silva, recalled that the concept of Turning Point applies to many realities and often to a competitive view, which is the passage from the moment when you are losing to the position of winner. «This vision implies that we think in a way that involves a greater ambition for generalized and sustained progress», he added.

For Vieira da Silva this is the time to make choices and investment in broadband, in the knowledge society and in information technologies is fundamental, «not hesitating to take risks in the most critical areas and on the technological frontier.» Our attitude must be marked by the ability to mobilize society for this innovation, increasing critical capacity, and we are doing so. The indicators in the scientific and technological areas are increasing «, he reinforces, remembering that it is also necessary to bring this investment to companies.

Still at the opening session, Amado da Silva, president of Anacom, said that the turning point also raises questions in relation to regulation and how it is defined and then implemented. For this person, the keywords of regulation are impartiality, reflection time and proximity, factors that should guide the action of the communications regulator.

After the opening session, the congress will continue with an agenda filled with various debates that take place between today and tomorrow. In parallel, some companies show their technological solutions in the Innovation Lounge while a partnership between IAPMEI and InovCapital brings to the Venture Lounge eleven companies that promise to present entrepreneurial projects with high levels of IT application.