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19 years later… it is now possible to interact with Tamagotchi through Apple Watch

Who has never heard or played with a Tamagotchi? Because the virtual pet that was a fever in the 1990s more than 80 million were sold worldwide is now available in the Apple Watch!

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Yes, my friends! Now you no longer need to take your iPhone out of your pocket to feed and clean your virtual best friend! The idea is that, by watch, you can check the needs of Tamagotchi and take care of him right there.

Speaking of the app itself that has been around for a while for iPads and iPhones / iPods touch, it has two modes: Toy (which recreates the retro experience of Tamagotchi from the 1990s) and App (an updated Tamagotchi for modern devices).

This world is really very modern

(tip from Igor, via G1)