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19 best apps of the decade for smartphones

Games have always been one of the most important types of mobile apps. So much so that they are compared separately to the decade apps for smartphones, as you can see in this article.

So it's time to know which were the most downloaded and also the most profitable apps that were released during the 2010s. Saying that social media and messaging apps dominated the list is redundant. On the other hand, there was no shortage of surprises in the decade's list of best apps for smartphones.

So, follow us on the next paragraphs and learn which apps have defined the smartphone era from 2010 to today!

1. Facebook

The undisputed champion of the decade is Facebook. Even as new and innovative social media applications are released, Mark Zuckerberg's platform is still the most widely used social network in the world.

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<p>It's worth mentioning that this is just the main app, not to mention its Lite version. Formerly just a network to unite friends, today Facebook is the strongest ad platform and the most versatile when it comes to content production.</p>
<p>You can share text posts, images, galleries, video clips, live streams and even Facebook Stories, which work similar to what we already see on Instagram. There is great potential for making money with Facebook, as we showed in this article.</p>
<p>Learn all about Facebook in this complete guide with 47 tips on the most used social network on the planet!</p>
<h2>2. Facebook Messenger</h2>
<p>Let's start with a spoiler: Facebook apps dominate the first four positions of this article. If the social networking app is in first place, your messenger runs right behind.</p>
<p>Facebook Messenger is the most downloaded chat app in the world. Although WhatsApp is the darling of countries like Brazil and India, Facebook Messenger is most used in the United States itself and in other nations.</p>
<p>In addition to the features and ability to make audio or video calls, Messenger also has its own Stories platform. The use of chatbots has made it a popular tool with companies that already had a Facebook Fan Page, expanding its use considerably.</p>
<p>Download Facebook Messenger on your Android or iPhone.</p>
<h2>3. WhatsApp</h2>
<p>The second largest chat app is also the third most downloaded app during the decade, according to App Annie, which unveiled the decade's app list.</p>
<p>As we mentioned earlier, the app is the preferred option in many countries, even if it generally loses to the Facebook messenger. However, the dispute is "at home", since WhatsApp is part of the Facebook group.</p>
<p>Despite not having chatbots, many entrepreneurs use the messenger to answer online and make sales. The popularity among businessmen was such that one business alternative was created: WhatsApp Business.</p>
<p>However, it is worth remembering that WhatsApp Business was not considered in counting the best applications of the decade.</p>
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