19.4% of residents in Portugal have already switched operator

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Close to 1.6 million consumers residing in Portugal assume they have already switched mobile operators, says Marktest concluding that this figure is representative of 19.4 percent of mobile phone users over nine years old.

According to the market research company, it is among users belonging to the age group between 25 and 34 years old that less loyalty to the operator is observed (26.9%). The same is true for consumers residing in Lisbon (21.5%).

Even so, the vast majority of mobile phone users say that they remain loyal to the same network (73.4%), the rest end up migrating for reasons that are essentially linked to the prices charged by operators, say 32.6 percent of respondents who have already switched networks.

Another reason that justifies the migration is the fact that the numbers on the contact list are from other networks, said 25.6 percent of those interviewed by Marktest. Poor assistance, poor service quality and a larger coverage area for other operators motivated 7.9 percent of consumers.

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