18th Congress – Zon with 100Mb pilot in Amoreiras

حملة ZON Fibra تساوي غرامة 10000 يورو

TeK had already written 2 days ago that by the end of the year, Zon intended to move forward with a commercial offer at 100 Mbps, but the company president confirmed today at the APDC Congress that the pilot is already working in Amoreiras.

Rodrigo Costa explained that the company continues to invest in the network and that it has made an important upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0 technology to have a full IP network that allows it to offer 100 Mbps already.

Zon has already advanced with the pilot in the Amoreiras area where it installed equipment and software to support this speed. «This will be Zon’s first 100 MBps zone,» says the cable operator’s CEO.

Despite the potential he still recognizes for the evolution of the cable network, Rodrigo Costa says he shares the concern of other operators with what may happen in fiber and shows himself in line with António Carrapatoso, who defended the State’s investment.

«We see the planned investments in road infrastructures, and I do not say that they are not important, and I think that 1, 2 or 3 Billion euros would be well spent on a real network in Portugal, which all operators could take advantage of», he underlines .