18th Congress – Carrapatoso defends that State could finance NGN

تريد CE اقتراحات لتقليل تكاليف تركيب شبكات الألياف

2.5 billion euros is how much it costs to install a new generation passive network, which could be used by all operators and which would cover 3.6 million homes, according to Vodafone’s accounts. The figures were presented by António Carrapatoso during the debate on the State of the Nation at the Communications Congress and support his vision for the development of a New Generation Network in Portugal with economic viability and social cohesion.

The lack of effective opening of PT’s conduits, despite existing legislation since 2006, is one of the arguments that António Carrapatoso uses to defend his idea, arguing that a network created by an operator and then opened to third parties is insufficient.

The figures presented by the leader of Vodafone foresee costs of 2.5 Billion euros for the installation of the passive infrastructure, in addition to 0.7 Billion in active network components and 0.3 Billion for installation in the customers’ homes.

António Carrapatoso admits that it is difficult to realize this idea but he believes «this was the technological bet for Portugal, it was the Technological Plan brought to its essence», and underlines that in this way a true social cohesion and opportunities for companies would be created.

«The State could do some financing to allow the connection of the deprived houses [pelos critérios de viabilidade económica dos operadores]. I do not accept that half the population is left out [das NGN] why this will create exclusion «, admits António Carrapatoso.

The Vodafone leader again warns that if an open network is not created, we are missing opportunities for competitive advantage and that «we cannot delay investments».