18th APDC – PT Congress goes against fiber competition accounts

Competition for RNG in the northern region on the march

Zeinal Bava took advantage of the State of the Nation to reiterate that PT intends to advance alone in the new generation networks, reacting to the arguments of the competition and presenting different accounts, regarding the weight of investments in the network in the deployment fiber services.

PT’s president says that the network has a weight of only 36 percent in the total cost of access. According to the accounts, taking fiber to the customer’s home will have an average price of 800 euros and 2/3 of this investment is made from “the upstream column to the customer’s home”.

The manager’s accounts contradict the competitors’ estimates, which place the largest share of investment in the base infrastructure, thus justifying the defense of a shared infrastructure as a development model.

Zeinal Bava said that PT is interested in doing new things in the future and not in “reconciling the past with the future”. He underlined the fact that there is legislation in Portugal that regulates access to ducts (ORAC) and guaranteed that it works, since 11 thousand of the existing 24 thousand kilometers are occupied by other operators.

He added that in fiber the capacity of operators should be determined “by good engineering, commercial nature and excellence in execution”. In response to the provocations of competition Zeinal Bava also suggested the opening of the cable network, as it reaches a large part of the territory and, as Rodrigo Costa had explained, it is able to offer 100 Mbps of speed.