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18th APDC Congress – ICT can contribute to a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions in Portugal

18th APDC Congress - ICT can contribute to a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions in Portugal

Information and Communication Technologies can contribute to a 15 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in Portugal by 2020. The value translates into potential savings of 2.2 billion euros per year in avoided costs. The information is contained in a study presented today at the APDC Communications Congress.

The work uses the form of the Gesi study, carried out at an international level, with the same objective of understanding how technologies can make a positive contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions, through their application in other industries.

Smart Portugal 2020 points out a set of key sectors, where the role of ICT can take on special relevance in increasing energy efficiency. Only in energy networks, transport and buildings is half of the potential determined to reinforce the use of technology.

At the level of energy networks, the potential of technology is essential, as a means to help reduce losses in the transmission and distribution network; the introduction of efficient demand management mechanisms (for all types of consumer); or increasing the penetration of renewable energies for the production of electricity.

In terms of transport, the expansion of distance communication technologies makes it possible to avoid the use of transport and travel. At this level, IT can also contribute to better management of traffic flows and parking systems, points out the study presented by Congress President Jorge Vasconcelos.

In terms of buildings, the analysis also found potential gains for the reduction of carbon emissions, with the intensification of the use of technologies that allow better management of consumption, particularly in the services sector.