18th APDC Congress - Companies looking for new investors

18th APDC Congress – Companies looking for new investors

18th APDC Congress - Companies looking for new investors

The 2008 edition of the Communications Congress again reserves space for companies with projects looking for capital. The Venture Lounge took Junqueira 17 companies with projects in areas as diverse as energy, telemetry, spam, games, urban computing, multimedia applications, elearning and others. They are looking in the forum, which over the course of the three days should receive about 2,000 participants, an opportunity to show themselves to the industry, publicize their offers and, above all, to attract the attention of new investors.

AnubisNetworks is a repeat. He was in the 2007 edition of the Venture Lounge where he was even awarded. Carla Barata, representing the project at the event, recognizes the importance of participating in initiatives of this kind to raise awareness of the company’s offer of security solutions for e-mail, aimed at large companies and operators, which the company disseminates. It is a market where international competition is strong and where Anubis seeks to differentiate itself also through local support services. Participated by InovCapital uses all risk capital events to publicize the offer, mixing strategy with direct marketing to potential customers.

Ideavity participates in the event with the same purpose of promoting the networking platform developed in its ideas laboratory. It tries to collect investment intentions that will allow it to continue working on the development of the platform created to allow companies to get closer to customers through community initiatives. In the client portfolio, the company takes Optimus – which developed the Tag concept around this Ideavity offer – and Porto Editora.

With a completely different area of ​​activity, but the same objective of attracting investment is in the Venture Lounge a Plux. The idea that gave rise to the business was to end the wires in the systems for monitoring the signals of the athletes, while they practiced exercise and their performance was monitored. From then until today, three years have passed, although the company was set up only last year and several clients have already appeared. Strengthening the capacity to investigate and give new forms to technology that combines advanced signal processing techniques with highly miniaturized wireless sensors and biosignal acquisition systems is its goal.

One of the areas where they have already managed to materialize the technology developed is that of physical therapy. For this area, the students of the Instituto Superior Técnico, founders of the company, created a product that allows the measurement of muscle movement signals and shows this image graphically on the PC. Therapist and patient can visually monitor the results of each movement. Health, sport and research are the key areas in which Plux operates.

Among the 17 companies with a marked presence in the Venture Lounge, it is possible to find different stages of project development, looking for capital to advance the business or to make new flights.

An example of this is BaseMed Consultores. Founded in 1990, the company maintains a presence in Portugal and Mozambique, where it develops and markets computer applications, vertical or tailored, based on Free Code standards. Health and Public Administration bring together a large part of clients.

At the other end of the showcase of companies present are companies like Spawn Studios, which produces games and multimedia and mobile phone applications. It was only born in 2008.

After the event, companies, which share opinions between a satisfactory interest of the participants in the event for the Venture Lounge and some disillusionment regarding the number of visits, will have the possibility to hold One-to-One meetings with potential investors. Contacts that the event organization records during the Congress and provides after it ends.

The companies selected by APDC to be at the Venture Lounge resulted from contacts with InovCapital, Cotec and the Portuguese Association of Business Angels.