1820 with answer to more questions

1820 with answer to more questions

Portugal Telecom has repositioned the 1820 information service, which now provides answers to questions in several areas.

In addition to the traditional telephone numbers, names and addresses, the service user can request real-time traffic data, itineraries, restaurants, hotels, trips, weather, stock exchange, currency exchange, among others.

Through the service it is possible, for example, to find a restaurant with certain characteristics at the mouth of the Douro and stay directly with the local to make a reservation; know the best way to get there, or make sure the date of an important event in the life of the city.

The information requested from the service can also be sent to the customer via SMS.

In a statement, PT explains that responding to questions from 1820 is a team of 300 employees.

Calls to the service have a variable price according to the network from which you connect. «For those who call through the PT network, the call has a value of 0.676 cents in the first 30 seconds and 0.38 cents per minute after the initial 30 seconds,» said a company spokesman.

Editor’s Note: The news has been corrected for two rooks.