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18 English technology courses with Portuguese subtitles that are worth knowing


Many times we face a great barrier in our learning, as much as we have good will and dedication to study, many subjects and learning materials are available only in other languages, especially English and if it is not your forte, you may end up having problems. Because of this, in today’s article you will know 18 excellent courses that are in English, but with Portuguese subtitles to help you understand everything correctly.

Our friends at Udemy are working on a new session of technology courses aimed at the Brazilian public, seeking to make subtitled versions of some of the most famous Udemy technology courses in the USA. If you have any difficulty in learning just by listening in English, this can be a great tool for accessing knowledge, even more for the prices of Udemy courses, check out the options:

If you are looking for Portuguese courses on Linux and open source software, check out our curation page on Udemy, if you specifically need an English course to stop relying on subtitled courses, meet the English course created by our friend Giorgi Bastos, is a course focused on IT professionals, using medium terms and languages ‚Äč‚Äčto make you more prepared and confident for professional challenges.

Until next time, enjoy the promotions!