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18-core iMac Pro shows all its processing power in a first test video

When the iMac Pro was announced by Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017, we were all really surprised by the maximum configuration possibility it could have, which led many of us to call it a "monster".

However, so far, everything was in the field of conjecture, as we don't know exactly how Ma's new all-in-one would handle the most intense tasks, even with several benchmarks being made. Now fasten your seat belts as the YouTuber Jonathan Morrison just yesterday published the first video demonstrating the power of 18 core iMac Pro.

To prove himself worthy of the nickname he earned, Ma's all-in-one pro scored nearly monstrous 50,000 points on the test. multi-core But if that number doesn't make sense to you, no problem: Morrison also tested iMac Pro by performing the most demanding tasks and in apps like Final Cut Pro X and ScreenFlow 7, where the computer demonstrated incredible performance. of your Intel Xeon W chip.

In the task of exporting a RAW footage of a 3 minute 8K resolution RED camera to ProRes format in 4K resolution, the computer performed the task in 5 minutes 51 seconds. By comparison, a 10-core iMac Pro took 6 minutes and 34 seconds, while the 8-core iMac Pro completed in 7 minutes and 22 seconds. Putting the three side by side, it seems that the minutes do not make much difference, but for those who use constantly for this purpose, certainly will benefit and save many hours in the month.

In his tests, Morrison also tiled the performance of the 18-core iMac Pro 4TB SSD against its smaller siblings: although the capacity is larger than 1TB (8 cores) and 2TB (10 cores), It has had very minor improvements, achieving very similar performance to other capabilities.

iMac Pro 18 core Morrison

Apple's all-in-one really looks like a big choice literally in terms of performance, but especially in price, since, since to put the cards on the table, it's good to remember that huge "but" too, right?

If you really do the heavy lifting that requires a lot of your machine and are considering buying some of the iMacs Pro, Jeff Benjamin from 9to5Mac You have even spared your research work: Buy the 10-core, which is cheaper but performs the job almost as well as the 18-core one; Of course, if you prefer the sturdier and see no problem paying more for it, go ahead and be happy. 😜

via 9to5Mac