18 Cool Gadgets Every Man Would Love

18 Cool Gadgets Every Man Would Love

18 Cool Gadgets Every Man Would Love

Men love technology, at least most of us. We love our smartphones, laptops, music systems and all the other technology items we own. We can never really get enough of the latest technology and there are times when we have a desire to get some really cool and fun gadgets. By legal gadgets, we don’t mean the phone, TV or other more advanced common devices. We mean devices that are fun to use and that bring a cool quotient to our otherwise nerdy lives.

Well, we absorbed the internet for you and found some really cool gadgets for men.

Here is our list of cool gadgets for men:

Virtual reality headsets

Virtual Reality is really cool and everyone wants some futuristic technology. There are currently a large number of VR headsets available on the market. While premium virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Razer OSVR, Microsoft Hololens etc. should hit the market next year, there are some devices you can buy to get started with virtual reality. You can get Samsung’s Gear VR, which is powered by Oculus and has an affordable price of around $ 99. There’s also Google’s Cardboard, which is good enough to get a taste of virtual reality.

Purchase: Samsung Gear VR ($ 99), Google Cardboard ($ 15, 99)

Consumer Drones

Drones are a market waiting to grow, as they can be useful in many situations. Whether delivering things, photography, sports or just fun, drones can be the perfect gadget for that. We have some really cool consumer drones available on the market, including DJI Phantom 3, Chrome Camera Drone, 3D Robotics Solo and more. Most of these drones cost $ 1,000 or more, so you need to really lighten your wallet to get one of these.

Purchase: DJI Phantom 3 Professional ($ 1,259), Drone with 4K Chroma camera ($ 1,199), 3D Robotics Solo robot ($ 999)


There are many interesting hoverboard projects underway, but many are not yet for sale. Well, at least some are and are very good. The likes of PhunkeeDuck, Razor Hovertrax etc … are some really cool examples of hoverboards. While they are not close to a hoverboard exactly, but they are some cool personal transport vehicles. Razor’s offer is a self-balancing hoverboard like the ride, which allows you to move and slide perfectly and rotate up to 360 degrees. The name of PhunkeeDuck may seem a little dubious, but it is another hoverboard that is very popular with celebrities as well. Like Hovertrax, it can be controlled through easy body movements. We would be lying if we said we didn’t want one and we’re sure you want one too.

Purchase: PhunkeeDuck ($ 1,499), Razor Hovertrax ($ 599, 99)

USB LED watch fan

USB LED Clock Fan is the perfect way to stay cool by having a visually futuristic clock on your fan. It is a small adjustable fan that also shows the time on your blades through LED lights. It’s easy to set up and looks really cool. Check out the video below to see what we’re talking about:

Purchase: ($ 11, 49)

Music Pillows

Music pillows are one of the things I have always wanted and the good news is that they are available. These are pillows with built-in speakers. You can connect your music player or any other device to your pillow and play your favorite tracks for a comforting sleep. These music pillows start at around $ 10. Then there’s also a Sound Pillow Sleep System, which integrates a stereo speaker into the pillow and brings its own music player, which consists of 18 relaxing tracks an hour, sounds of nature combined with binaural music and more. You can get the sound pillow here for $ 159.88.

Candle Charger

We need our phones more in the event of a failure or natural disaster, but no one is prepared for that. Well, luckily we have a candle charger. With the candle charger, you only need one candle, water and fire to charge any desired USB device. The Candle Charger converts thermal energy from the candle into electrical energy to charge your smartphone, tablet or any other USB compatible device. This should be very useful in case of emergencies, interruptions and long trips outdoors.

Purchase: ($ 99.99)

MiP Robot

The robots are slowly starting to take some serious action (Google robots are taking a run on nature though), but the robots available on the market today are nothing but toys. Still, they are cool and we would all like to have one. There is a cool MiP Robot, which communicates with you through movements, sounds and its LED eyes. The MiP robot can be used to transport smaller objects while navigating with its two wheels with ease and also has the ability to follow an object. It comes with several other cool modes, like stacking, dancing and programming. Also, it doesn’t make a hole in your wallet.

Purchase: ($ 99.99)

Magic wand tv remote

This is something that every Harry Potter fan must have dreamed of. All Potter fans can now have their own wand and although it is not Elder Wand, it is a cool wand that works like a TV remote control. The wand has the ability to learn 13 commands from the remote control and you can define various movements for each command. For example, twist the wand to change the volume, turn the wand to change the channel, etc. It looks pretty cool, right? It is compatible with anything that has a remote control, so it’s worth checking out. And the next time your friends come, you can show them your cool moves.

Purchase: ($ 79, 99)

Pyro Mini Fireshooter

Ever wanted to shoot fireballs out of your hand? We know you have! Who doesn’t want super cool powers, right? Well, now you can, thanks to the very cool Pyro Mini Fireshooter. It is a wrist strap with a built-in trigger, which allows you to burn flames from your wrist. It comes with a battery, so you can fire 600 balls of fire on a full charge. So, grab the Pyro Mini Fireshooter and make your shooting dreams come true. Just don’t try to save the world with this.

Purchase: ($ 147)

Lightshow speakers

Good music sounds even better when you have a great atmosphere to follow. A light show would do just fine and that’s exactly what a lightshow speaker brings. There are a number of lightshow speakers available, but our favorite is SoundSOUL. They bring clear, clear and beautiful LED headlights that also work to the beat of a song. There are four LEDs of different colors: Red, Blue, Green and Orange and this ensures that everything looks amazing. Along with the cold lights, the speakers are also good, which is very important.

Purchase: ($ 29.99)

Spy car

There is a spy in each of us. All men love to play spies, although women are better spies in real life, if you know what I mean. Well, we can quench our thirst for spying on this Rover Revolution spy car. The Rover Revolution Wireless Spy Vehicle comes with a rotating spy camera that packs night vision, the ability to hear or transmit audio, wireless range of 150 feet. You can control this Spy Car through an Android or iOS application and it comes with the integration of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Quite a feature packed Spy Car is!

Purchase: ($ 149.99)

Self Shake Coffee Mug

Not all men are lazy, but some definitely are! Even more in the morning, when you have to make coffee and stir. Well, we have a twist for that too. Self shaking coffee mug is the mug you need. With the Self Stirring Mug, just add the ingredients, press the button on the handle and it starts to move. It works for tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soups too. So, no more manual tinkering for us.

Purchase: ($ 6.57)

Geek Pen

The Geek Pen can be useful for both men and women. The Ultimate Geek Pen, like the people behind it, likes to include a number of features, and while the “Ultimate” tag can be overdone, they are still pretty cool. The Geek Pen works as a ballpoint pen, flashlight, laser pointer, UV light and as a pen for devices that support it, including the iPhone, iPad and more. Basically, it is more of an all-in-one pen and should be quite useful at times.

Purchase: ($ 14.95)

Philips Norelco Trimmer

We men love our beards, but men who don’t have a beard do everything they can to grow. But with the growth of the beard comes the responsibility to maintain it and that is why we need good trimmers. There are a number of capable dressers available, but they all leave a furry mess in your bowl. That’s why men would love the new Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 trimmer, which comes with a vacuum system that captures cut hair. So, don’t waste any more time cleaning the washbasins.

Purchase: ($ 44.95)

Pocket dj mixer

Thanks to the power of ever-evolving technologies, you can have a DJ Mixer in your pocket. Poklet Mixer (as the company calls it) is a small pocket cool mixer that works on the go. Supports smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, MP3 players, CD players, etc. Just connect two devices to the mixer and the mixer goes into stereo mode. It allows you to adjust the high, low, mid, EQ and of course it allows you to mix tracks. The device has the ability to operate on battery or through an electrical supply. So, become a DJ whenever, wherever you want.

Purchase: (starts $ 99)

Smartphone Sanitizer

Unlike women, men are careless when it comes to keeping their things clean, especially their phones. That’s where the Smartphone Sanitizer comes into play. PhoneSoap 2.0 is the phone disinfectant we’re talking about. It uses UV-C light rays to clean its phones and, in the meantime, it also charges your phone. It’s a box, where you just need to put the phone on for a while and it will come out clean and sanitized. PhoneSoap 2.0 is compatible with most phones, including larger smartphones, such as the Note 5 or the 6s Plus. In addition, you can put anything else to sanitize as well, so it can be useful for other use cases as well.

Purchase: ($ 59, 95)

Virtual laser projection keyboard

Virtual laser projection keyboard, as the name suggests, designs a virtual keyboard on any flat surface, thanks to its laser technology. After you start typing on the virtual keyboard, advanced optics on the hardware detects your keys. The keyboard packs in rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth, so you can pair with any smartphone, laptop or tablet. The cool laser projection keyboard is something that we used to see in science fiction films and is now real.

Purchase: ($ 100.86)

Pocket projector

Projectors are very useful when we need to present / show something at work, but there are times when we need to show people something, but we can’t, because we couldn’t have a projector with us everywhere. Well, that has changed, since Pocket Projectors bring this incredible functionality to your pocket. There are a number of portable projectors available on the market and they are packed with some great features. For example, the Philips PicoPix projector comes with many tricks up its sleeve. It packs in LED technology, which ensures that the images or videos you project are sharp and vivid. It also offers up to 100 lumens of brightness, built-in premium speaker, internal battery and support for most devices, including smartphones, cameras, game consoles, thumb drives, MP3 players and more.

Purchase: ($ 299)

These are some really cool gadgets for men that we find and we are sure that even women can like some of them. Which gadget is your favorite and why? Sound off in the comment section below.