18.5 billion kilometers did not stop NASA from "resurrecting" Voyager

Everything has been going well until, a few days ago, Voyager 2 shut down for no apparent reason, leaving NASA engineers uneasy. The probe stopped signaling the 25th of January last, when it would have to turn on itself, in a maneuver to calibrate the instruments on board.

This did not happen and the fail-safe system ended up being activated, suspending all scientific instruments and the transmission with Earth to compensate for the energy deficit.

After four days, the team from the American space agency warned that Voyager 2's energy level had returned to normal and that the instruments were working.

The last February 6th was the time to confirm that communication with Earth is going smoothly.

Voyager 2 is currently more than 11.5 billion kilometers from the Blue Planet, or the equivalent of close to 124 astronomical units (AU) – the distance between Earth and the Sun. If all goes well, it should add at least five more years of life to the almost 43 he already has. On this floor, we are not surprised that it reaches fifty