Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

17th APDC – PT Congress only invests in fiber if conditions exist

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Zeinal Bava, vice-president of PT said this morning that Portugal Telecom will only move forward with investments in fiber if the conditions are created for the realization of this investment. Give us the conditions to invest in fiber, because without conditions we will not invest ”, he stressed, adding that the company is available to proceed with these investments, but that it will have to know the regulatory guidelines to report the intention to its shareholders.

The official, who was speaking at a panel dedicated to the topic of DTT, considers that it is urgent to define conditions for the development of the so-called next generation networks, both at national and European level. Zeinal Bava even considered that at the European level «regulation is currently being used to curb innovation».

For the vice president of PT, fiber should be seen as another complementary technology to DTT, he explained to defend that the tender for the licensing of this technology should be designed in a multi-platform logic.

Luís Reis, president of Apritel, present in the same debate, endorsed Zeinal Bava’s position, also considering the urgent need to define conditions that allow operators interested in investing in technology to know the conditions under which they can make these investments.

The head of the association underlines, however, that “it is very important not to allow the Portuguese market to be re-politicized”, referring to the way the DTT and Next Generation Network processes will be conducted.

Paulo Campos, secretary of state for public works and communications, closed the session, guaranteeing that the Government has been analyzing the issue of fiber networks and that in the short term it will provide answers to the market on this matter.

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