17th APDC Congress – Regulators must raise once and for all suspicions about PTM’s spin off

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

In the balance sheet over the past year, marked mainly by the takeover bid for PT and the recent spin off of PT Multimédia, the operators show their optimism but also doubts that still arise in the sector and the need for regulation with clear rules, themes that have been repeatedly repeated at the APDC Congress.

In the same vein, Henrique Granadeiro, PT’s president, emphasizes that the spin-off of PT Multimédia was a market decision, by 99% of the shareholders’ votes. «It was a market operation that transformed the market,» he says.

PT’s president, however, leaves an alert to the regulator, stating that “Regulators must, once and for all, end with these unacceptable suspicions raised about this market act”, remembering that these suspicions that have already been raised several times “have an impact on future that comes ”.

The issue of regulation is highlighted by Henrique Grandeiro, who recalls that “the sector has changed, the world has changed, but the operator thinks ‘not here’”, in an analogy with the story of a film.

As other PT officials had already mentioned several times during the Congress, Henrique Granadeiro says that “The sector in terms of its capacity has exhausted. If we do not enter the new generation networks (NGN) definitively, we are condemned to stay in the second European division. And Europe as long as it maintains this regulatory paralysis is condemned to stay in the second division compared to countries like the United States and Japan ”.

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