17th APDC Congress – DTT will only be viable with a multiplatform strategy

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Considered a high and risky investment by operators and content providers, Digital Terrestrial Television is on the agenda of the main market players, but there are still many issues to consider, ranging from the licensing model to the offer marketing business model itself. and advertising.

The discussion in the session dedicated to “Great challenges for DTT in Portugal”, at the 17th APDC Congress, aligned views of Zeinal Bava, vice president of PT and Luís Reis, CEO of Sonaecom but also representative of the operators association, Apritel. Also on the content side, there was harmony between Francisco Maria Balsemão, from Impresa, and Manuel Polanco from Media Capital, although with some points of divergence in relation to the operators.

Zeinal Bava once again defended the need for multiplatform convergence, opposing the idea of ​​DTT being an end in itself. «DTT alone is a very poor offer», he stresses, adding that «the customer increasingly wants a simple offer with a single bill, minutes of competitive communications and the Internet», this included in an offer of 100 channels, 100 Mbps speed, a la carte channels and flat rate voice service.

“The contest comes very late, not only because of the shutdown in 2012 but also because of the success of TV Cabo, which has 80% of the pay television market”, admits Zeinal Bava. However, PT is willing to invest. “PT has a clear strategy and we assume that DTT may or may not be of interest, but a multiplatform strategy is important. If DTT is not combined with more Internet, more speed, traffic and flat voice tariffs, operators will lose competitiveness ”, he guarantees.

Luís Reis also believes in this convergence, but says that “the opportunity of several operators to have a multiplatform strategy must be taken into account.

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