Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

17th APDC Congress – Convergence implies investment and capacity to develop tailored services

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Convergence is a process in motion in the Information and Communication Technologies sector that requires companies to invest in networks that are better able to offer integrated services, such as new generation networks, in order to be successful. The conclusion was pointed out in the panel dedicated to the theme, which this morning occupied the APDC congress.

However, the participants in the meeting, representatives of various sectors of the industry, argue that the network must increasingly be transparent to the user, who wants to receive services on any platform and anywhere.

Other challenges were pointed out to the industry, which include standardization, interoperability, more computing capacity, availability of storage and better energy efficiency, which makes it possible to profit more efficiently from investments.

It was agreed among the stakeholders that bandwidth is a critical element in the provision of new services, as well as the ability of companies to offer value proposals tailored to different types of needs. The ability to develop partnerships’ was another factor identified as essential.

The fact that Portugal is a early adopter in several technological areas was an aspect focused by keynote speaker Carlos Lopez Blanco, from the Bankinter Foundation for the Innovation, who underlines the fact and argues that the country will have to know how to take advantage of this to take advantage of convergence.

Lack of human resources in engineering is a problem

The lack of human resources in the engineering area was pointed out by the companies as a problem that is reflected in Portugal’s ability to attract investments from new engineering centers, or reinforcement of the current ones. The issue was addressed by Leonor Almeida from Nokia Siemens Networks. The official defended that if another group had the intention of establishing as many engineering centers as Siemens has already established in Portugal, it would not be able to do so due to lack of resources.

This discussion also included Alcatel-Lucent, NEC, HP, Google, IBM, Accenture, GMS Consulting, Nortel, Sun and Microsoft.

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