17 companies explore contacts at CeBIT Brokerage event

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There are 17 Portuguese companies that go to CeBIT looking for an opportunity to make contacts, find new business partners or sell their products. The number refers to companies registered in the Brokerage event organized by the Innovation Agency. The organization is the Portuguese partner of an initiative organized by the Enterprise Europe Network that in recent years helps companies to take more advantage of these major international competitions.

Of the registered companies, only one is also present at the fair with its own exhibitor, Nonius. The rest are visitors who signed up on a platform that works as a contact exchange between interested companies and where they can assess affinities and schedule meetings with each other. As Alexandre Ulisses, responsible for the Portuguese organization of the meetings, explained to TeK.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, the Enterprise Europe Network organized an event with the same characteristics that brought together three dozen Portuguese companies, the largest Lusa participation ever.

With its own exhibition space, eight Portuguese companies will be at the fair. You can learn more about what the Portuguese are taking to Germany this year in an article that TeK will publish this week.