COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

16th APDC Congress – Public Administration can benefit from outsourcing services

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

One of the morning panels on the last day of the APDC Congress was dedicated to the theme «Can Outsourcing work in Public Services, reducing costs and increasing efficiency?», Seeking to reach an answer to the question posed. With positions mostly favorable to the outsourcing of some services, not core, of Public Administration, the panel participants pointed out, however, some factors to take into account in order for the experience to be positive.

The main notices were launched by João Bilhim, professor at ISCSP and chairman of the PRACE technical committee, who believes that there is no single answer about the advantages of outsourcing, which has to be seen sector by sector. Admitting different models for outsourcing, the professor aligns as tools to support outsourcing the POCP and the new governance support departments aligned in PRACE.

The views of the companies represented on the panel were more clearly favorable to the outsourcing, with Luísa Lisboa from Siemens presenting the advantages of outsourcing as a factor of innovation, with the ability to change processes and achieve cost reductions of 20 to 30 percent. António Raposo de Lima, IBM administrator points out the positive experiences that exist in several areas as proof that outsourcing can really reduce costs and improve efficiency, while Pedro Queirós, from Lógica CMG, showed a totally favorable perspective.

Although with a favorable stance, Carlos Janicas, HP’s general manager, nevertheless warns that for the model to be successful, the Public Administration must also be prepared to manage the outsourcing, forming and shaping people, a view also defended by Anabela Pedroso, member of UMIC, who shared her personal experience in Public Administration, where she has already managed several processes that went through the outsourcing of functions, such as Loja do Cidadão.

Admitting that the results of the outsourcing are not clear, and there is difficulty in measuring them, Anabela Pedroso defends a specialization of public administration managers to know how to manage contracts, asking and demanding what is necessary for the good functioning of the partnership relationship with suppliers.

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