16th APDC Congress – Ericsson demonstrates 3G at 7.2 Mb and points to commercial launch for January 2007

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Ericsson is demonstrating at the 16th Congress of Broadband Internet Communications, over 3G with a speed of 7.2 Mb. upgrade technology, which currently the three operators have available at a speed of 3.6 Mb, is already in pre-commercial tests in the Lisbon region with Vodafone and Optimus.

The manufacturer’s forecasts, present in the Congress Business Lounge, point out that commercial offers with these characteristics will be available from January next year.

In the exhibition area of ​​the APDC congress, Ericsson also shows a set of convergence solutions based on its IMS architecture, which includes interactivity solutions with the TV.

Mobile TV applications are also shown by the Swedish manufacturer, as well as Alcatel, which demonstrates a Fast Zapping application. The Alcatel exhibitor also hosts an IP TV area and the demonstration of a video call center for the Public Administration that allows assisting the citizen in filling out forms, establishing a video connection with an employee, who in this way clarifies doubts.

Broadband also sets the tone for a number of other services presented at the exhibition, such as the solutions of Chinese Huawei, which supplies the three Portuguese mobile operators in 3G Internet connection devices. plug and play recently launched.

In the area of software one of the applications shown at the event helps to manage ideas in companies. Developed by Seara.com the application has been tested within the group (Avantport) and has already helped to find 1800 ideas.

This year, the Business Lounge has an area dedicated to new projects that hosts initiatives supported by venture capitals who share their experiences and projects looking for funding there. The first group comprises 14 companies and the second 7 projects.

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