16-inch MacBook Pro is Anatel Approved

Announced in November, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro (A2141) is now approved by National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

Check out the Certificate of Technical Compliance of the following new MacBook Pro:

MacBook Pro 16 Approval Certificate

And the Photos from the unit sent by Apple agency:

External Photos of MacBook Pro 16 Approval

As we know, the new MBP has a 16 ā€³ display (about 4% larger diagonally compared to the 15 ā€³ model) with a resolution of 30721920 pixels and an ā€œold-newā€ Magic Keyboard that re-scissors mechanism. after a series of problems with the butterfly design.

Configured with the basics (2.6GHz 6-core IntelCorei7 processor with 512GB of internal storage), the 16 ā€³ MBP comes out for $ 21,300 ($ 19,169.10 view). With the stiffer configurations, (IntelCorei9 8-core processor with 2.3GHz and 1TB of internal storage), it will cost $ 24,600 ($ 22,139.10 view).

With Anatel's approval, soon Ma's new machine will be available in Brazilian retail.