16 ″ MacBook Pro users complain about persistent speaker noise

To the happiness of the users of the MacBook Pro, the new 16-inch model fixes a notebook keyboard issue that had been occurring since 2016 with the (re) introduction of the scissor mechanism. Much to their unhappiness, however, Ma's new laptop features a noise in the speakers which is driving many through madness.

As disclosed by AppleInsider, some users are complaining that the 16 ″ MBP speakers are making an "annoying popping" sound. There are several publications about the problem on forums on the Apple Support community page; In most of them, the owners of the machines claim that the noise occurs when playing a song or video, but that this is also noticeable with system sounds such as notifications.

What happens with the problem is that when you play any audio or video, when you interrupt it, jump to another part or close the window, you hear (the crackle). It is similar to the sound of when the audio reaches a very high peak or when the speakers are suddenly turned off and on.

One user said he took the computer to an Apple Store and that the store's technicians were able to reproduce the problem on other demo units of the machine. You can check out exactly what happens in the following video, published by another owner of a 16 ″ MBP.

There are some alternatives to alleviate the problem, but they do not always work (and not all). In the case of the above video, the user says that changing the flow of bits MacBook Pro audio output “works,” but that's not the kind of work any user would like to have with a $ 2,400 notebook (or, for us, $ 21,300).

This is not the first time that problems have been reported with MacBook Pro speakers: in 2018, we commented on another situation in which multiple users described a similar situation but the noise emitted was different, more like some kind of interference.

Display problem, too?

If there are no people complaining about the speaker, there are those who are (negatively) talking about the 16 ″ MacBook Pro display. According to other publications on forums and social networks, the slow response time of the machine screen can cause a “ghosting” of page scrolling.

2019 MacBook Pro Users: Anyone else seeing this extremely blurry screen when moving? I've tried four MacBooks in the last two days, all with the same problem. (Slow Motion Video)

The issue is mainly noted by users of the old 15-inch MacBook Pro, who claim that this problem did not occur (at least to the same degree). In some cases, some consumers have already returned their machines to Apple, figuring that the problem could be with laptop hardware.

In neither case did Apple officially speak for now. However, both situations do not seem to affect all users either, but it is possible to say that the number of people affected by at least one of them is significant to consider them to be 'mere coincidence'.

We will continue to follow the news and inform you if Ma provides a position on some of these issues.

via The Verge | Image: GadgetMatch