16 ″ MacBook Pro concept includes 6 USB-C ports and a more rounded design

The time on the clock doesn’t stop, but it also means that we are getting closer (or not) to the launch of a probable 16-inch MacBook Pro; after all, some rumors “confirmed” that Apple’s next top-of-the-line notebook could be announced later this month.

The problem is that, due to the latest leaks, it seems that it will keep the same design as the current model – the biggest changes will be due to the screen with fewer edges and the back of a keyboard with scissor mechanism.

But dreaming does not cost; and to further fuel some people’s imagination (and anxiety), a new concept in the 16 ″ MacBook Pro offers more perspective on what the design of this machine could be.

Among the possible characteristics of this notebook disclosed in the concept, two stand out: the first is, obviously, the 16 ″ screen and how the chassis will accommodate the larger screen having almost the same size as the 15 ″ MacBook Pro (from the reduction From bezels display). The second is the inclusion of six (!) USB-C ports, two more than the current models, three of which are Thunderbolt 3.


Still as imagined and illustrated in surrender, the 16 ″ MacBook Pro chassis would also be subtly different from that seen in current models, with slightly curved and less square edges than basically all MacBook models (well remembering the white MacBook format).


As highlighted by 9to5Mac, not everything about this concept is perfect. In this sense, since the implementation of the Touch Bar, some users have called for the existence of a physical emergency button in case the small touch-sensitive bar gives any problem; more than that, the trackpad has also been greatly increased in surrender, causing a certain strangeness.

One way or another, only time will reveal how (or rather, if) the 16 ″ MacBook Pro will be announced. Nevertheless, what would you like to see on a machine as soon as it has not been added to the concept? Daydream in the comments below! ?