Concept of the line of iPhones for 2019

16 ″ MacBook Pro, 6K monitor, modular Mac Pro… Ming-Chi Kuo makes predictions for the entire Apple 2019 line!

Anyone in the mood for a huge wave of fresh rumors this Monday morning? Because you’ve come to the right place. And the source of the information is warm, since we are talking about our old friend, Ming-Chi Kuo – analyst with good contacts within Apple and a very healthy hit rate.

Kuo issued a series of notes exposing his predictions for all Apple lines in 2019, and some of the news he speculated could make many fans and interested parties raise their ears. Let’s take a look at everything.

MacBook Pro

We start with the most, let’s say, surprising forecast: according to Kuo, Apple will launch a new MacBook Pro later this year with 16 to 16.5 inch screen and renewed design.

It is unclear whether the launch of the new model would be accompanied by visual upgrades for smaller versions of the notebook as well, but a change of type would be premature – the current design of the MacBook Pro is only two and a half years old, and Apple tends to take more time with a look on your computer lines. You will have to see what will happen, however.

Kuo is also betting, this year, on the launch of a 13 ″ version of the MacBook Pro with 32GB RAM – currently, only the largest model reaches this memory capacity.


After years without its own monitor and depending on a partnership with LG, Apple may return to the segment in full force in 2019: according to Kuo, the company will launch this year a 31.6 inch 6K display!

The analyst did not share many details about the new monitor, but said that it will bring technology “similar to the Mini-LED”, which will provide the panel with impressive image quality. Well… less than that none of us expected, right?

Mac Pro

The mythical renovation of the Mac Pro has already been promised and postponed a few times by Apple, but according to Kuo, it should arrive even in 2019.

The analyst does not provide further details about the new computer, only reaffirming that we will see a machine with a focus on modularity and easily upgradable components. A launch next to the supposed new professional monitor would be a great hit by Apple, but for that we will have to wait – possibly – for a few more good months.


According to Kuo, the line of iPhones in 2019 will be very similar to the current one: we will have three devices with the same sizes and visuals as the current XS, XS Max and XR (which will continue with an LCD screen). The cut – which has already had its speculation reduced – will remain untouched. The Lightning port must also be (no USB-C).

Concept of the line of iPhones for 2019Concept of the line of iPhones for 2019

Apparently the changes in the devices will be in the Face ID system (which will be faster) and in the finish (it is possible that the models receive a new type of etched glass, less shiny than the current one). The battery should receive an increase in capacity.

According to the analyst, we will also have an ultra-broadband radio for indoor navigation and a bilateral wireless charging – so you can charge other devices, such as future AirPods, by placing them on top of the iPhone. It is not known whether these features will come for the entire line or only for certain models.

It also remains to be seen whether Apple will maintain the current price ranges for iPhones or admit defeat of its strategy and announce a new line a little more accessible.

Apple Watch

As for the Apple watch, Kuo has only two predictions – so far – for 2019: the arrival of the ECG feature to more countries and “a new design with ceramic housing”.

While the first point is expected, the second raises suspicion. The last ceramic Apple Watch (Edition model) was discontinued last year. Was Apple planning to return the more expensive model?

AirPower / AirPods

Was it a mirage? We hope not, because, according to Kuo, Apple’s mythical wireless charger will actually launch in the first half of this year. The analyst no longer shares news about the accessory or if it has undergone changes in his project since its announcement, in a distant 2017.


Along with AirPower, as previously speculated, Apple will release an update of AirPods with support for wireless charging and enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, according to Kuo.

Still in relation to AirPower and AirPods, but coming out of the Kuo field, it is interesting to note this other rumor, coming from the Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News. According to the newspaper, the supplier Inventec is already mass producing the new accessories and will ship them in the spring of the northern hemisphere.

According to the report, the new AirPods will cost the same as the current model and will be available in traditional white and in a new black version. According to past rumors, they should come with a new matte finish, with a better grip.

iPod touch

Kuo doesn’t have great predictions about the supposed new iPod touch, but – given the near death status of the line – the simple rumor of its update is already great news in itself.

According to the analyst, Apple will launch an update to the media player with a faster processor even in 2019. That’s all he has to say… but it’s enough, isn’t it?


Okay for a rumor? It’s not over yet: to finish, Kuo shared his predictions about iPads. According to the analyst, Apple will launch in 2019 a new version of “standard” iPad, which will jump from the current 9.7 to 10.2 inches due to a decrease in its edges.


Next to it, we will receive an update of iPad mini; both models will have an upgrade on their processors. THE iPad Pro it should also receive news in 2019 – although only occasional, considering that they are still new within the Apple line: possibly just a small leap in processing and one or another minor feature.

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