15th APDC Congress – Technological Plan Measures to be released soon

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The 100 measures of the Technological Plan should be known soon, possibly later this month, said José Tavares, responsible for the Technological Plan Coordination Unit, on the sidelines of the APDC congress. Asked about the delay in the dissemination of measures, the official confessed that «the main difficulty in this phase is the coordination of work between various ministries», remembering that the same type of difficulty has already been felt in other projects and stems from the number of entities involved.

José Tavares adds that it is the objective of UCPT to present the measures at a stage when some are already on the ground and with a high degree of implementation, which will also be conditioning a public presentation. This range of measures includes initiatives related to ICT skills, which involve partnerships with the private sector or R&D partnerships with foreign universities aimed at specific areas, the official said.

It should be remembered that one of UCPT’s priorities is the reorganization of the national innovation system and the facilitation of companies’ access to Community funds to support innovative projects. In this area, José Tavares explains that the first job of the organization he directs was to understand what R&D institutions do. «Evaluate this mission and have suggestions regarding the study of that mission», he adds.

In a second phase, which is already underway, it is intended to understand the competences of the various public actors of innovation and to encourage the enrichment of these competences, a work that is being developed with the Innovation Agency. Third, to promote networks between universities and other knowledge centers and to orient them towards the market.

With regard to support for companies, the official explains that this is mainly aimed at companies that, due to their structure, do not have the capacity to advance in this area. In addition to the creation of physical spaces that will serve to provide information and guide companies, as already revealed, UCPT is developing a portal that will have identical objectives and has no start date yet.

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