15th APDC Congress reintroduces regulation discussion

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

The 15th Congress of the Portuguese Communications Association – APDC reintroduces in its edition this year a panel dedicated to the discussion of regulatory issues, which last year lost space in the event.

The Evolution of Regulation in the Internal Market will be the theme of the panel dedicated to this matter, said yesterday press conference Pedro Sampaio Nunes, who chairs the 2005 edition of the Congress.

The event, which takes place between the 8th, 9th and 10th of November, kicks off with the Setting the Scene panel dedicated to the future of electronic communications and the Internet and the issues of convergence and continues with a space dedicated to Citizenship where issues will be discussed such as copyright, piracy or the Knowledge Society.

The first day closes with a panel dedicated to security that will seek to discuss the security of networks and information.

On the second day of the Congress, topics such as regulation, the 7th Framework Program and the reinforcement of EC investments in the Information Society, European Trends in Infrastructure and Integrated Offers will be debated.

The third and last day of the Congress is dedicated to fixed / mobile convergence and to the Management of Competition and Convergence, ending with the popular State of the Nation, the panel that brings together the presidents of the main telecommunications companies and that usually crowds the auditorium of the Center of AIP Congresses.

Although the end of the three days of discussion follows the same line of previous years, closing with the panel of CEOs, APDC promises this year to innovate and bet on a new format for this last debate, which for now no longer reveals.

The 15th APDC Congress will have as its central theme The Future of Telecommunications – A Network Society and a Knowledge-Based Economy.

The President of the Congress, Pedro Sampaio Nunes, has been Secretary of State for Science and Innovation and was in the General Directorate of the Information Society at the European Commission.

In the presentation of the Congress, the official stressed that Europe faces several challenges in the communications sector and underlined the importance of moving towards a European regulation, less strong but more effective that allows companies to grow in the European context depending on their competitiveness, and without having to face the barriers that result from confronting different regulators in different markets.

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