15th APDC Congress – Mariano Gago considers the strengthening of competition in the communications sector to be essential

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Mariano Gago, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education explained today at the opening of the 15th APDC Communications Congress that the Government chose not to extend the fiscal support for the purchase of PCs to communications, because these «are expensive and there is not yet a ideal competitive environment «. It is recalled that this tax benefit for the purchase of computer equipment will be granted to families over the next three years and does not include telecommunications services.

Already on the sidelines of the event, the minister reiterated that «it is absolutely essential to reinforce the conditions of competition in Portugal». «I do not believe that it is reasonable at this moment for the State to be contributing directly to the reduction of communications costs, except by fostering competition, either between telecommunications operators, or in the investment of those same operators to bring broadband in good conditions. price to all Portuguese citizens «.

It is in this way that Mariano Gago understands the role of the State at this moment, as a promoter of the Information Society. The minister recalled that, in this line, the Government has a program to cover schools in the country with broadband, an objective that has already been accomplished in two thirds of educational institutions.

The 2005 edition of the APDC congress, which is marked by the absence of Sonaecom in protest against the non-discussion of structural issues in the sector, was initiated by the association’s president, Norberto Fernandes, who presented some figures.

According to these data, the sector’s sales and services rendered in 2004 reached 8,515.9 million euros, including electronic communications and postal services. For 2005, growth is expected to 8,515.9 million euros and the following year to 8,918.7 million euros, according to data from Anacom (2004) and EITO / IDC (2005/2006).

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