15,000 steps without doing any sport? possible!

This Sunday, like many others, my pedometer marked more than ten miles. No, I'm not training to run a half marathon and I'm not on a diet. Here is my little secret …

15 km on foot without realizing it is possible!

A few months ago, we compared the meters of our smartphones to see if we could at least meet our weekly target and, to my surprise, found that I had covered about ten miles on Sundays. Not all weekend, only on Sunday.

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Reach 15 kilometers without realizing it is possible. / @ Nattawut Jaroenchai / Shutterstock

However, if my memory doesn't fool me, I stayed in bed watching Netflix for three quarters of the day, so … Do I have to worry? Absolutely no! I spent the night partying, dancing, walking and jumping. All these movements are taken into account by the smartphone's step counter and, frankly, the incredible result!

The pedometer said yes!

Since that day, seeing the pedometer on my phone is a little ritual I like to do earlier this week. Because, yes, getting dance floor something I do weekly and seeing how much time I spent dancing leads me to say that it's also (almost) healthy.

A few months after learning this detail, one Monday I returned to the office, proud of my performance announcing to everyone: "during saturday and sunday night I traveled 32 kilometers". That day, of course, I was a liar.

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Like me, David likes to track the number of steps taken during the day. / AndroidPIT

"The pedometer said yes!"I answered, proudly dialing my phone to my more than skeptical audience, who said that if the calculations were correct, I would be very far from the German capital where I currently live. In fact, the party was in a city suburb and, Before arriving at the dance floor, I had already covered 5 kilometers.

Funny use of pedometer

The pedometer has even become a game between me and my friends. Like Nike Run Club, this tool can put you in competition and allow you to excel. The pedometer became the arbiter of our nights. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh I danced more than you last night Juliet! " a friend exclaimed with pride as she pointed out that, unlike me, she didn't even pause to talk to other friends from one to two thirty in the morning.

"Yeah, but I walked four kilometers from 2:00 to 15:00, while you only walked two and a half kilometers. Plus, if I've already covered so many miles, that means the DJ has put on my favorite songs right now!" Because yes, if you have no memory, the pedometer also lets you know almost exactly what time we dance and how hard!

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The pedometer still indicates when we move the most. / AndroidPIT

However, I always wonder if these numbers are really useful. They indicate a trend, of course, but I find it surprising that a friend reaches 43 kilometers on his Huawei, while I'm "only" 32 with my iPhone, even though we spent the whole night together. Sure, maybe he dances more than me, but …

Opinion by Juliette Bassine

I'm still skeptical about pedometer reliability

Other useful functions of the night

Imagine what I would have gotten if I hadn't been dancing all night, or all weekend, or even all week. Yes, I must say that its use is very useful during the holidays!

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Using a pedometer at a party shows how hard we work. Shutterstock

Using a fitness monitor is even more fun as it can count the number of calories burned, your heart rate and of course the number of steps. I'm sure after 3 days of dancing, the results can be even more amazing! I should try one for my next night at the club.

What is your experience with pedometers? Do you think he's trustworthy?

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