15 «lite» apps that will save space on your phone

15 "lite" aplikasi yang akan menghemat ruang di ponsel Anda

Unfortunately, manufacturers insist on putting Google’s system on even more limited devices, to serve markets that demand very low-cost products. And then we have, in the middle of 2019, devices hitting stores with only 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory.

To give a boost to those who bought such a limited device, Google developed a special version of Android called “Android GO”, optimized for devices with little RAM and disk space. As a result, many companies have also developed «leaner» versions of their apps, tailored to new devices.

If you have a smarrtphone with Android GO, or a device with little memory and space, take a look at our suggestions. They may be what you need to give your phone an extra “breath” without having to give up the features and services you use most.

Note that some of the listed apps can be installed on any Android smartphone, others are only available on devices running the «Go» version of the operating system.

Facebook Lite

The Lite version of the most popular social network on the planet lets you do almost everything you do with the “Full” version, consuming less memory and using less battery. According to Facebook, the app has been optimized to work even on 2G connections, and uses several data compression techniques to reduce the use of its internet franchise.

androidpit facebook lite 2017

Facebook Lite has almost all the features of the «normal» app / © AndroidPIT

Download Facebook Lite from the Play Store

SlimSocial for Facebook

An alternative to the official Facebook app that takes up less than 4 MB on your smartphone. It is basically an «interface» for the Facebook Mobile site, and allows you to post, share, comment, send photos and even chat without installing Messenger.

However, it does not have some more advanced features (like streaming video) or a notification system. Ideal for those who need to be at FB for personal or professional reasons, but do not give a “lot of attention” to what happens there and use the network sporadically.

SlimSocial Composite

SlimSocial is another «Lite» alternative to the Facebook app / © AndroidPIT

Download SlimSocial for Facebook from the Play Store

Messenger Lite

The Lite version of Facebook Messenger is less than 10 MB and, according to Facebook, it has also been optimized to work on unstable or slow connections. In addition to traditional chat, it also allows you to make video and voice calls.

messenger lite best message update

Messenger Lite / © AndroidPIT

Download Messenger Lite from the Play Store

Twitter Lite

The bird went on a diet, and this version of Twitter is only 1.3 MB, with virtually all the features most used in the main app. As in other “Lite” apps, it has a data saving feature (Data Saver) to help those with slow connections or smaller data packages. According to the developers, thanks to decisions like not to download images automatically, savings can reach 70%.

Twitter Lite Composite

Twitter Lite / © AndroidPIT

Download Twitter Lite from the Play Store

Maps GO + Navigation GO

According to Google, Maps GO occupies up to “100 times less space” than traditional Maps. The secret? It is basically a “Mobile” version of the Maps website, repackaged. Still, it has traffic information, shows public transport options, information about nearby stores, maps routes and everything.

androidpit google maps go chrome 1

Google Maps GO / © AndroidPIT

The only thing Maps GO doesn’t do is give navigation instructions out loud. For that you will need a second app, Navigation GO.

Download Maps GO on the Play Store

Download Navigation GO on the Play Store

YouTube GO

This is one of the coolest “Go” apps. With it you can watch all YouTube videos, but with some unique and very useful resources, among them the choice of the video resolution before watching (ideal if you want to save data) and the ability to download videos to the memory of the device. Thus, you can “charge” your smartphone with clips while on a Wi-Fi connection, and watch on the street without spending any of the data plan.

youtube go side brazil

YouTube GO lets you download and share videos / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Another cool thing is a sharing system. You can send videos you’ve downloaded to other YouTube GO users nearby by using a direct Wi-Fi connection between two devices. Great for sharing clips with your friends.

Download YouTube GO on the Play Store

GMail GO

I swear I tried, but I couldn’t find many differences between the “normal” GMail and the GMail GO. Which is great because it means that I can use all the features I’m used to, but taking up less space on my smartphone. Multiple accounts are even supported.

gmail go1

GMail GO / © Play Store

Download GMail GO from the Play Store

Parallel Space Lite

Parallel Space is a very useful app that allows you to “duplicate” other apps on the device. So you can, for example, have two WhatsApp with different numbers on a single smartphone (if it is Dual SIM), or two Instagram, two Facebook, etc. The Lite version is less than 10 MB.

Parallel Lite Composite

Parallel Space Lite / © AndroidPIT

Download Parallel Space Lite from the Play Store

Uber Lite

This version of Uber is only 5 MB and according to the manufacturer it works even on 2G connections. The main difference in relation to the «common» Uber, apart from the size, is that it does not show a small map on the screen to follow the race.

UberLite Composite

Uber Lite / © AndroidPIT

Download Uber Lite from the Play Store

Instagram Lite

In this version of Instagram you can post, like and share images, create stories, watch videos and exchange messages with other users, but apparently there is no option to start live streams.

androidpit instagram lite

Instagram Lite / © AndroidPIT

Download Instagram Lite from the Play Store

Kindle Lite

The Kindle is not an app that comes to mind when we think of heavy apps, but it also has its lite version. At just 2MB, it has been optimized to work on 2G connections, so you can download books faster even on poor connections. Spend less space with the app, have more space for your books!

KindleLite Composite

Kindle Lite has options to control data usage and memory space / © AndroidPIT

Download Kindle Lite from the Play Store

UC Browser Mini

A browser optimized for devices with less memory, has only 9.8 MB more, brings a data saving mode, ad blocker, anonymous browsing and more. Good alternative to Chrome for those with a very limited smartphone.

UCBrowser Composite

UC Browser Mini / © AndroidPIT

Download the UC Browser Mini from the Play Store

Files by Google

It is not a “lite” app by itself, but it goes well with the theme. Google’s file manager helps you free up space on your smartphone by deleting duplicate or useless files. It also has a utility that allows you to transfer files between two smartphones, even if there is no Wi-Fi or 3G connection nearby. Indispensable.

Measure Android Files

Files by Google helps free up space on your smartphone / © AndroidPIT

Download Files by Google from the Play Store

Asphalt Nitro

The Asphalt series contains some of the most popular racing games among smartphone users. Unfortunately, the incredible graphics and exciting soundtrack come at a price: they’ve taken up 2 GB or more for some time.

But with Asphalt Nitro you can feel all the excitement of the series’ races while spending much less space: it’s just 35 MB. The secret is slightly simpler graphics and effects, but none the less exciting.

Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro: lots of excitement at just 35 MB! / © AndroidPIT

Download Asphalt Nitro from the Play Store

Skype Lite

Most popular in the corporate world, where it is an indispensable app for team coordination and communication with distant members, Skype also has its Lite version, which was created for the Indian market but is available worldwide. You will be able to send and receive messages, interact with bots and make voice or video conference calls, with less data consumption.

Skype Lite

Skype Lite / © AndroidPIT

Download Skype Lite from the Play Store

Do you use any «Lite» app? Do you have any suggestions left out? Share your experience in the comments.