15 Classic PC Games You Should Know and Play

Doom 1 para PC, um clássico dos FPS

Check out a list of 15 classic PC games that you need to know and play if you don’t already know. From Doom to Duke Nukem 3D

At a time when consoles were all about Nintendo vs. SEGA, the PC was one of the platforms that stood out the most, for having a superior graphic capacity, and gave us several classic and unforgettable games.

And the platform is older than you think. Whoever thinks the first PC game was «Pong» is wrong. In 1962 four students from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) created the “Spacewar“, The“ father ”of PC games and space ship games, like the classic“ Space Invaders ” Atari.

More than 50 years after the first game released for PC, we prepared a list, in partnership with Nuuvem, with 15 classic games that all PC Gamer need to know, and play. Then settle in the chair, prepare the ball mouse and check the list with us.


This would not be a list of classic PC games without Fallout. This game “gave start ” in a successful franchise that continues today. The game proved that not every CRPG needs to be fantasy to be good.

The first Fallouts were a masterpiece for those who like a good story, excellent dialogue and fantastic turn-based gameplay. Your decisions count a lot in Fallout, but one thing is for sure: deciding to play this classic should be your priority.

You won’t regret playing the first one Fallout and follow up Fallout 4, the last game in the franchise.


Outcast, Adventure Game of the Year 1999, not the band

Don’t think we’re talking about that band, it’s called OutKast. This game was named the “Adventure Game of the Year” by Gamespot in 1999, Outcast had the closest to an open world exploration that the era could produce. The game basically had two buttons: aim and shoot, but don’t let that fool you and make you think that this is not one of the greatest classics of all time, because it is even more than that.


Classic FPS games for PC are common. The platform was their cradle. However, one game in particular deserves our attention and respect. It was through a Mod made for Half-Life by users of the game that emerged another classic: Counter-Strike, CS for the intimate.

Half-Life has left gamers so homesick that until today a Half-Life 3 is expected. Full of suspense, the game is a true masterpiece, and stands out among the shooters until today.

The Secret of Monkey Island

Don’t look now, but that looks like a three-headed monkey. In case you didn’t understand the reference, we were a little sad because your childhood / adolescence was less happy than it could have been.

If you understood the reference, you are one of the lucky ones who played Monkey Island, still in DOS. The pirate game has puzzles, dialogues and excellent acid humor.

If you’ve never played before, but are a fan of MIDI sound, 8-bit graphics and point-and-click games, you should know this classic. If you don’t have an easy DOS emulator out there, take advantage of the remake of the game.


It was 12 years of waiting for a continuation of the first Starcraft, and it didn’t happen by accident. The science fiction RTS has made a legion of fans not only for the story, but for the mechanics of the game. It would be difficult to summarize what the story is about, but all you need to know is: space war involving VERY old beings. With humans in the middle.


For many, Doom was the game that started the life of a PC player. The game mixes action, adventure and horror in almost all of its games. The Doom saga is a true work of art, and partly responsible for all the success of FPS games.

The mechanics of the game is very simple, shooting until you defeat the monsters with powerful weapons. Whoever played this classic can’t help but remember the BFG9000, The “Big Fucking Gun“. If you are not afraid, and like a challenge with a classic and nostalgic touch, play Doom right now.

The game is so light that it has several online versions to play straight from the browser, and a remake released in 2016.

Full Throttle

If there was one thing that George Lucas knew how to do well in his life, it was to have brilliant and profitable ideas. Star Wars, and its derivative companies are an example of this. ILM and Lucasarts thrive today.

And there was a time when point-and-click games dominated the world, and much of that success came from Lucasarts games, like Full Throttle, The Dig and so many others.

Made for those who like to pay attention to history (and what stories) these games had simple mechanics, but the way Full Throttle uses the mouse at times makes it an important member of the list of classic games you should play.

Deus Ex

Along with System Shock, which almost didn’t make the list, Deus Ex was one of the first games to mix elements of FPS and RPG in a single mechanic. The fun here are the choices, since each stage can be played infinitely, due to the various possibilities of getting closer to your goal.

The franchise was so successful and is so loved, that it is still played today. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, was the last game to be released in August, but before playing it, take a look at the classic that started this whole story.

Age of Empires

Hey-lô-lô. Watching his troops turn sideways was not cool, but converting enemy armies to your cause using the priests was a lot of fun. Age of Empires it had very good gameplay for the time (even today it’s cool), but it was in campaign mode that most gamers learned the most valuable lessons about the history of the world.


Need to talk about Warcraft? The universe created in the game reached theaters this year, and as much as it did not please everyone, it is a great achievement. After the time when game-based films brought us countless disappointments, taking away that stigma was complicated. But Warcraft was brave enough to try.

But well before that happened, back in the distant year of 1994, the Blizzard launched what would be one of its biggest franchises of all time. Nowadays it may be difficult to handle the graphics of the first and second games, but at least the third you MUST play.


Shooting games are not only made of FPS, and Commandos is proof of that. Do you think games with many hours of gameplay are modern things? So you never spent 3 hours on a game map looking for the best way to end enemy armies. On the knife. During the night, since it was the time that the parents went to sleep.

Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D it may not be the best in the series, but it marked my childhood, like that of many. It is the latest game in the series, which has been awaited for years, and maybe it was not everything we expected, but at least the swaggering humor that made the series what it is was there.

The first games were good, but 3D became unanimous among almost all FPS players. Beside Doom and Wolfenstein, this game makes up the holy trinity that popularized the FPS genre.

Unreal Tournament

One of the most important arena FPS of all time, Unreal Tournament he had insane weapons that made the PVP a mind-boggling match. It was also one of the first games to use really challenging BOTs. Of course, it depends on the level you choose, but we are sure that there are only big players here.


Nowadays the Diablo 3 servers are full, but there was a time when the game wasn’t even online. The first Diablos had great stories and a gameplay that allowed a great immersion in the RPG environment. If you are very attached to the graphics, you may need to start with 3, but we highly recommend the origins of the series.

What did you think of the list? How many games have you known and played?