15 Best Type C USB Accessories

15 Best Type C USB Accessories

Of the huge variety of ports (connection interfaces) that we see on our electronic devices, the USB port is arguably the most popular and well-known. From flash drives to digital cameras and keyboards to smartphones, almost everything uses a USB port. And, due to the numerous types of USB ports, we often need to fiddle with different cables and adapters to interconnect our devices.

But all of this will soon become a thing of the past, thanks to USB Type-C. In order to be a universal connection interface for all devices (for example, smartphones, computers), the USB Type-C has a smaller, reversible connector design (don’t waste any more time to find out which side to connect a USB device to) , but it also offers faster data and power transfer speed. In fact, there are already many devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.) in nature that have USB Type-C. And in case you have one, you may be wondering what are the best USB Type-C accessories that should you get?

Well, this is what this post is designed to help you with. But before we get to the list of the best USB Type-C accessories, check out the devices they are compatible with.

Some of the devices currently available with USB Type-C port (s)

  • Nokia N1
  • Apple Macbook
  • Google Chromebook Pixel
  • OnePlus 2
  • Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P
  • Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL
  • ZUK Z1
  • Letv Le 1 Pro

Best USB Type-C Accessories

Note 1: From here, the terms “USB Type-C” and “USB-C” were used interchangeably, throughout the article .

Note 2: Wherever any USB Type-C device (for example, Nexus 6P) is mentioned in the article, they indicate the latest versions of the mentioned devices, as listed in the previous subsection, along with purchase links.

1. Yoozon USB Type C to Type A cable

Lightweight yet sturdy, the Yoozon USB Type C to Type A cable is perfect for connecting USB Type C devices to computers with conventional USB Type A ports. The cable confirm totally USB Type-C specifications and offers high data transfer rates (up to 480 Mbps). In addition, it also includes support for fast charging. The cable is compatible with almost all USB Type-C devices. Oh, and we mention the product warranty to long gives life and great customer service? Here is another USB Type-C to USB 2.0 specification compliant cable from Anker.

Price: $ 6.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

2 Belkin 3.0 USB-C to USB-A adapter

The Belkin 3.0 USB-C to USB-A adapter offers an easy way to connect USB-A devices to gadgets with USB-C ports. As an example, it can be used to connect flash drives, keyboards / mice, etc. to devices like the new Apple Macbook and Google Chromebook Pixel . Thanks to USB 3.0 support, the adapter offers data transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps between connected devices. Fully supports all USB Type-C devices. However, the price is a little higher, especially for such a small adapter.

Price: $ 13.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

3. Kingston Data Traveler 3C USB flash drive

If you’re looking forward to adding some extra storage to your new USB Type-C laptop or smartphone (via USB OTG), the Kingston Data Traveler 3C USB Flash drive is just what you need. The flash drive offers data transfer speeds (up to 100 MB / s read and 15 MB / s write) based on the USB 3.0 standard and is available in various capacities (16, 32 and 64 GB) . Then there is the fact that it comes with a five year warranty too .

Price: $ 25.93 (for 64GB variant)

Where to buy: Amazon.com

4. Anker USB-C Multiport Hub

Often, we need to connect so many peripherals (for example, mouse, speakers, external hard drives) to our computers, that they run out of ports. If that’s something you can relate to, the Anker USB-C Multiport Hub is perfect for you. It plugs into a USB-C port on your computer and, in turn, allows connect up to 3 USB-A devices (for example, flash drives) to the PC . In addition, the Anker USB-C Multiport Hub also has an Ethernet port . The device is compatible with all major operating systems and also includes an eighteen month warranty.

Price: $ 27.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

5. Anker PowerCore + USB Type-C Power Bank

Although our gadgets are getting more powerful every day, «battery life» is something that needs to be done. Consequently, energy banks are almost essential today. And that’s where Anker’s PowerCore + USB Type-C Power Bank comes in. With one 20100 mAh capacity, the energy bank recommended by Time can not only charge multiple smartphones simultaneously, but even laptops like the new Macbook. In addition to a USB-C port, it comes with two regular USB-A ports. And thanks to the “PowerIQ” feature, the Anker PowerCore + USB Type-C Power Bank it can automatically detect the connected devices to be charged and regulate the charging current accordingly. How cool is that?

Price: $ 50.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

6. 1byby USB 3.1 Type-C Multiple Adapter

If you frequently use external monitors with your laptop (s) via HDMI, 1byone Type 3.1 CC Multiple Adapter is a must. It connects to the PC via the USB Type-C connector and provides a USB type A port, a USB type C port, as well as an HDMI port. THE HDMI port can easily handle content of 4K resolution (of course, 720p / 1080p support is also available), making it easier to get the best of Netflix on a bigger screen. And yes, you can also charge the latest Macbook via the USB-C port. In addition to being compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, the 1byone USB 3.1 Type-C Multiple Adapter also supports Chrome OS .

Price: $ 43.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

7. iClever USB Type-C Car Charger

Car chargers offer a convenient way to prepare your devices when you’re driving, and the iClever USB Type-C Car Charger is perfect for charging your USB Type-C smartphone while on the go. The charger has “SmartID” technology, which automatically identifies connected devices and charges them optimally for maximum efficiency . In addition to the USB-C port, the charger also has a common USB-A port for charging devices without USB-C. Oh, and you also get a 30-day refund and lifetime support guarantee .

Price: $ 16.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

8. JOTO USB Type C to Micro USB Adapter

Typically, when you buy a USB Type-C device, you also get a USB Type-C cable for it. However, many of us have one or more extra Micro USB cables from other devices. And the JOTO USB Type-C to Micro USB Adapter allows you to use these cables with your USB Type-C devices. Enough connect your old Micro USB cable to the adapter and you will have a USB Type-C cable . Thus, you can have a charging / sync cable for multiple devices. The adapter is compatible with almost all USB Type-C devices, such as Nokia N1 and OnePlus 2. E, when you buy the adapters, you get not only one, but two of them .

Price: $ 8.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

9. NXET loading dock

The NXET Type-C charging dock offers an elegant solution for charging your USB Type-C smartphone on the table. The dock is compatible with almost all USB Type-C smartphones, such as the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and OnePlus 2. It comes with a adjustable USB-C connector, so you can charge your smartphone, even in a thick case. Not only that, the dock cable comes with a USB-A plug, so it can even be used to sync and transfer data, while connected to the computer. However, the dock does not come with an AC adapter, which is a drag.

Price: $ 27.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

10. Vinsic USB type C car charger

Given its tiny size, the Vinsic USB Type-C Car Charger is very good. It can be used to conveniently charge almost any type C USB device, including even bigger ones, like the Nokia N1 and the Apple Macbook. The smart identification chip automatically detects connected devices to regulate charging speeds for better efficiency. In addition, the overvoltage protection, short circuit protection and overcurrent protection incorporated make it perfectly safe for all your devices. It even has a standard USB-A port for charging older devices.

Price: $ 12.90

Where to buy: Amazon.com

11. RAVPower USB-C to USB-C cable

You don’t always want to connect a USB Type-C device to a common USB-A port on your computer. And if you want connect two USB-C devices (for example, a Macbook and a Nexus 5X) with each other ? This is where the RAVPower USB-C to USB-C cable will help. It has reversible USB-C connectors on both ends and the aluminum housing of the connectors ensures better heat dissipation. The cable is compatible with all USB Type-C devices and comes with a 12-month limited product warranty.

Price: $ 15.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com (select product variant RP-TPC001)

12. USB type C braided otium to type A cable

Generally, the charging / sync cables have to withstand a lot of twisting and general rough use. That’s why the Type C to Type A twisted Otium cable is designed to withstand some heavy knocks. The 1 m long cable is fully woven in fabric, making it more robust and resilient to wear . It is compatible with all USB Type-C devices (e.g. Lumia 950/950 XL, Google Chromebook Pixel). All told, it is a great companion for USB-C devices. Want something like that? Take a look at Ankovo’s excellent USB C type braided cable.

Price: $ 12.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

13. F-Color Micro USB Type-C Convert Connector Cable

What if you have a USB Type-C device and a Micro USB device and you don’t want to carry separate cables for both? Use the F-Color Micro USB Type-C Convert Connector Cable. THE Unique design cable has a common USB-A port on one end, but two connectors (one type USB-C and micro USB) on the other . The standard connector is Micro USB, but if you want to use this thing with USB Type C devices, just plug in the USB Type-C connector connected to the Micro USB port and you will have a USB-C cable. Being woven fabric, it is very strong and comes with a 12 month warranty.

Price: $ 14.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

14. TechMatte USB-C to Micro USB Adapter

Offering a quick and easy way to convert your old Micro USB cable to a USB type C, the USB to MicroCat TechMatte USB adapter is lightweight yet robust and has been professionally tested to confirm USB Type-C standards. Compatibility is also not an issue, and the adapter works with all USB Type-C devices such as the Nokia N1, Apple Macbook and Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL. You can buy a single adapter or in packs of 2 or 4.

Price: $ 7.99 (for a pack of 2 adapters)

Where to buy: Amazon.com

15. Orzly USB-C to USB-A Cable Multipack

The Orzly USB-C to USB-A Multipack is an excellent accessory kit for all USB Type-C devices. The package includes a total of four cables in different colors, each of which is certified to the USB 3.0 standard. They are also fully compatible with USB Type-C standards, so you can safely use them on all your devices. There is also a 12 month replacement warranty, which is a good thing too.

Price: $ 19.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Get more out of your USB Type-C devices

The accessories discussed above are perfect companions for all of your USB Type-C devices, helping you connect / use them with older devices without compatibility issues. Check them all out and tell us your favorites in the comments below.