15 best Tasker profiles

15 best Tasker profiles

Tasker is a great way to automate actions on your Android smartphone or tablet. It can do almost anything you want, after figuring out how to use it. The entry level for using Tasker is a little high, but that’s why we’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll show 15 of the best and most useful Tasker profiles and how you can set them up on your device.

1. Keep the screen on when using reading apps

This task is triggered when you open a reading application, such as Pocket or any other chosen application. Tasker will prevent the screen from turning off once this task is active.

Phases :

  • Create a new task (name it » Keep screen on » or something similar).
  • Touch the » + «, select» Display » and after that, » Display Timeout «.
  • Increase the limit to the desired level and save the task.
  • Go to » Profile «and touch the plus icon and select» Applications «.
  • Choose the apps for which you want to keep the screen.

2. Launch the Music application automatically when headphones are connected

This simply starts your music player when you connect a headset.

Phases :

  • Create a new profile, select » state » and then » Hardware «. Choose» Headphone connected «.
  • Create a new task, name it and select » launch application «
  • Choose your favorite music application.

3. Put the phone in silent mode, turning the phone upside down

This is most useful when you are in class or in a meeting and need to disable your bell. You can do this by simply flipping the device down, instead of having to open the phone to do this manually.

Phases :

  • Go to Profile, select “ state «,» Sensor » and » Guidance » in that order. Choose » Face down «in the drop-down menu.
  • Create a new task. Touch the » + «, select the audio mode, then silent. Choose» On «or» Vibrate «.

4. Auto screen rotation for certain applications

Watching a video on YouTube or using your Office application is often best done in landscape mode. Tasker can switch » Auto rotation «for you automatically after opening the app.

Phases :

  • Create a new profile, select the application and choose the desired application.
  • Create a new task and touch the » + «. Select“ Display ”And define“ Display Autorotate » like ON .

5. Turn off the Android lock screen at trusted locations

It can be annoying to keep unlocking your device when you’re at home or at work and alone. Configuring this task will disable the screen in lock when connected to a reliable Wi-Fi connection (such as at home or at work) and connected again when you’re out. You will need the » Secure Settings Plugin «which you can get from the Google Play Store.

Please note that this is only for rooted Android users and if you are using a pattern.

Phases :

Entry Task

  • create an entry task (name it “ Lockscreen OFF ”) And touch the“ + ”.
  • Select » Plugin «,» Secure settings » and » Root actions «who place the order. Define» Pattern lock OFF ”.

Exit task

  • create an entry task (name “ Lockscreen ON “) And touch the“ + ”.
  • Select » Plugin «,» Secure settings » and » Root actions «who place the order. Define» Pattern lock enabled «.


  • Create a new one. Select “ State “,“ Net » and » Wi-Fi connected » in that order.
  • Enter the SSID of your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Link to the task “ Lockscreen OFF ”.
  • Press and hold the profile and add an exit task. Select » Lockscreen ON «.

6. Battery saving mode when the battery is low on your Android

When the battery is low, Tasker can switch to activate the battery saving mode (disabling Wi-Fi, automatic synchronization, etc.).

Phases :

  • Go to Profile, then Status and select » Power «. Choose“ Battery Level ”And set the desired range (say 0 to 20).
  • Create a new task and touch the » + «. Select“ Net ”And turn off Bluetooth, sync automatically, Wi-Fi off and mobile data turned off (if available on your device).

7. Night mode or quiet time

Save battery and avoid unnecessary disturbances by turning off the WI-FI and putting the phone in silent mode at night and turning it on again in the morning.


  • Create a new profile and select the time. Choose the desired time range (for example, 00:00 to 06:30).
  • Create a new task and touch the » + «.
  • Go to » Audio ”And then adjust the silent mode or vibrate .
  • Go to » Net «and disable automatic sync and Wi-Fi OFF .

8. Timer

Have you ever fallen asleep while listening to music only to find that your music continues to play when you wake up? Well, not anymore. Tasker can kill audio playback after a specific time.


  • Create a new task and tap the » + «. Go to » media » and then » Media Controls «and select» Stop » in » cmd «. Choose the music app by pressing the square grid icon near the bottom right.
  • To trigger this action, we will use an internal function in Tasker. Go to the widget menu, search for task timer . Drag the widget to your home screen.
  • Once there, it will ask you to link a task. Select the task “ Sleep Timer ”That you created in the first step.

9. Launch one application after another

I usually like to open my email app in the morning and then check out my feed reader for a quick read in the morning. If you follow a similar pattern, you can automate the launch of one application after another with Tasker.


  • Create a new profile. Go to » Applications «and select the first app.
  • Create a new task and touch the » + «. Select» App » and then » Launch App «. Choose the app you want to launch after the first app is closed.
  • Finally, press and hold the second name of the application and click on the » move to leave «.

10. Decrease brightness at specific times

At night, it is generally advisable to keep your device’s screen brightness at a reasonably low level so your eyes are not hurt. Tasker can take care of that too.


  • Create a new profile. Go to » Hour «and select the time interval in which you want to decrease (or increase) the brightness.
  • Create a new task and touch the » + «. Go to » Display » and after that, » Display Brightness «. Select your preferred value.

11. Guest Mode

If you keep items private on your devices and you don’t want anyone to have access to these apps, you can use Tasker to create a guest mode so you don’t have to worry about anyone looking for private information. This task will redirect the application to your home screen instead of launching the application.


  • Create a new profile. Go to » Applications «and select your private apps.
  • Create a new task and touch the » + «. Select“ App » and then » Go Home ”.

12. Lock the phone by shaking

How about locking your phone by simply shaking it? Tasker can do that too.


  • Create a new profile. Go to » Events » and then » Sensor «. Select“ Shake ”And enter your axis, sensitivity and duration preferences.
  • Create a new task and touch the » + «. Click in » Display «and then» System lock «.

13. Block certain applications on your Android

You can also block your private applications with the tasker. This is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is choose the apps you want to block and then enter your password.


  • Create a new profile. Go to » App «and select the apps you want to block.
  • Create a new task and tap the » + «. Go to » Display «and then lock and enter the password. After starting the chosen app, it will ask you to enter the code before you can use the app.

14. Send an emergency message

Tasker can help to send a message to a loved one when you have a low battery. This is useful for cases where you may not be available for a while and want to keep family and friends informed.


  • Create a new profile. Go to » state » and then » Power «. Choose“ Battery Level ”And set between 0 and 5%.
  • Create a new task and touch the » + «. Go to » telephone » and then » Send SMS «. Enter the phone number and message.

15. Change wallpaper automatically

To complete this task, all of your wallpapers must be in the same folder, so be sure to do this before creating this task.


Create a new profile. Go to «Time» and enter the time interval for the wallpaper change to take effect. Select the «Repeat» checkbox and set it to 1 hour.

  • Create a new task and touch the » + «. Go to » Variable » and then » Variable Randomize “.
  • Name your variable (for example% random). Minimum value = 1. Maximum value = No of images you have.
  • Touch the » + «again. Go to“ Display » and then » Set wallpaper ”And type the path to your image, followed by% random (the name of your variable). For example, the path should look like this: sdcard / wallpaper / pic_% random.
  • Go back to the profile and press longpress to add a new context. Go to » Display » and then » Display State ”And set to ON .

All done! Now you can try out all of the Tasker profiles mentioned above and create your own exclusives. There are many powerful automation tasks that you can do to feel comfortable experimenting. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of this article in the comments section below.