15 best GoPro Fusion accessories you can buy today

15 best GoPro Fusion accessories you can buy today

GoPro Fusion ($ 699) is GoPro’s most premium camera so far. The camera brings a ton of features, including 5.2K recording at 30 FPS, 18MP sensor, capture and more. However, as with other GoPro cameras, if you want to make the most of the power that GoPro Fusion brings to the table, you will have to invest in accessories. That said, since there are a ton of accessories available for GoPro Fusion on the market, it is a little difficult to find out which accessories you really need and which don’t. To solve this problem for our readers, we bring you the 15 best GoPro Fusion accessories you can buy to enhance your GoPro Fusion experience:

The best GoPro fusion accessories you can buy

1. SmilePowo 42-in-1 Accessory Kit for GoPro Fusion

I would like to start the list with an accessory kit that contains not 1, not 2, but 42 different accessories for your GoPro Fusion. The SmilePowo 42-in-1 accessory kit for GoPro Fusion is the best accessory kit you can buy. I know that many people are reluctant to invest heavily in accessories when they have already spent $ 699 on their GoPro Fusion. If so, this accessory kit is the right product for you. It brings all the main accessories you need, including the handle, the handlebar post support, the chest support, the head strap and more . That said, remember that the kit’s accessories will not be as premium as the ones you will get if you buy them individually.

Buy from Amazon: $ 26.99

2. Actpe’s GoPro Fusion Case

While GoPro makes cameras that are very sturdy and that includes GoPro Fusion, no one can blame you if you want to provide more protection to your new GoPro Fusion by seeing how expensive it is. If you want to protect your GoPro Fusion, the Actpe case is one of the cheapest and the best you can buy. The case covers your GoPro from all sides and even comes with lens caps back and forth . When it comes to the case itself, it is made of soft silicone material that can provide long-lasting protection for the camera, protecting it from dirt, dust, scratches, small bumps and drops.

Buy from Amazon: $ 9.99

3. Kupton case for GoPro Fusion

While a case is good for protecting your GoPro Fusion when you’re using it, you’ll need something more robust if you want to protect your GoPro Fusion from damage while you’re carrying it in your luggage. That’s where the Kupton case for GoPro Fusion comes in. The case is made of water resistant and relatively hard material with removable buffer sponge . The hard outer shell protects your device in case your luggage is not handled properly while the soft sponge provides a sufficient cushion to prevent scratches or scuffs. If you travel a lot with your GoPro Fusion, you should definitely invest in this accessory.

Buy from Amazon: $ 17.98

4. GoPro Camera ASBHM-001 Grip Grip

Now that we’ve seen that GoPro Fusion is well protected, let’s check out some accessories that can help you get the most out of GoPro Fusion. The first of these accessories on the list is made by GoPro itself and brings 3 functionalities in a single device. The Fusion Grip can be used as a camera grip, an extension pole or a tripod . So, whether you want to put on your GoPro Fusion, take a selfie with it, or just need to hold the GoPro Fusion while recording, this accessory can help you.

Buy from Amazon: $ 59

5. GoPro Camera ASBBA-001 Fusion Battery

As you may know, the GoPro Fusion comes with a 2620 mAh battery that can provide you with between 1, 5 to 2, 5 hours of battery life, depending on how you are using it. However, if you are someone who will use your GoPro for more than that, you will need to purchase an external battery. The external battery will ensure that whenever your GoPro Fusion runs out of power, you can change the batteries and continue with the recording.

Buy from Amazon: $ 29

6. Sandisk Ultra 64GB Micro SD Card

Although GoPro sells GoPro Fusion at such a high price, it is sad that like other GoPro cameras, GoPro Fusion does not come with any SD card, which means that you will need to buy one before you can even use it. When it comes to SD cards, I agree with GoPro here and suggest that you buy the 64GB version from SanDisk . SanDisk cards are not only fast, they are also reliable. In my years of use, I never had a letter failing me. You don’t even have to think before you buy this one.

Buy from Amazon: $ 19.99

7. Anker PowerCore Speed ​​for GoPro Fusion

One more accessory you should consider buying for your GoPro Fusion is a portable charger. While changing the batteries is a good solution, eventually you will need to charge these batteries and if you are in the wild, a portable charger will be very useful. My suggestion for portable charger has always been Anker as I trust the brand. Your PowerCore Speed ​​portable charger brings 20,000 mAh capacity, fast charging with PowerIQ technology and includes all of these features in a package that is small enough to fit in your pocket. And since this is a portable charger, you can even charge your smartphones and tablets with it.

Buy from Amazon: $ 55.99

8. Joby GP3 GorillaPod

Joby GP3 GorillaPod is one of the best tripods you can buy for your GoPro Fusion. The tripod is made of a combination of materials that include medical grade Japanese ABS plastic, stainless steel and German TPE, which makes this tripod particularly tough. But that is not the main thing that makes this tripod unique. What is unusual about this tripod are its legs. The legs feature two dozen individual joints that make them flexible and flexible . Which means that no matter how tough the surface is, with this tripod, you can place your GoPro Fusion in a straight line and take steady photos and videos without a problem.

Buy from Amazon: $ 47.90

9. GoPro fusion cup

Most users who buy GoPro cameras are buying to record footage while performing some adventure sports or high-speed maneuvers. I mean, GoPro cameras are not called action cameras for any reason. Well, to capture images during these active moments, you will need to mount your GoPro Fusion using mounting accessories. The suction cup is one of those mounting accessories that allows you to mount your GoPro Fusion in a car, bicycle, boat and more . This particular suction cup has been tested at speeds of over 150 km / h so you don’t have to worry about your GoPro Fusion, no matter how fast you are going.

Buy from Amazon: $ 39.99

10. Front and side support of the GoPro helmet

While a suction cup is good when you’re using your GoPro Fusion in a vehicle, it won’t work if you want to record images while sailing, surfing, paragliding, or doing just about anything that doesn’t involve vehicles. In such cases, you will need to connect your GoPro Fusion to your body, and mounting the GoPro helmet will help you do just that. The front and side of the GoPro helmet not only allows you to connect your GoPro Fusion to your helmet, but it also helps you easily rotate and adjust the position while the GoPro Fusion is assembled.

Buy from Amazon: $ 29.99

11. Luxebell chest mount harness strap for GoPro Fusion

Like the suction cup, the helmet assembly also comes with its own flaws. For example, what happens when you are recording a recording when you are not wearing a helmet. In addition, some people don’t like to plug their GoPro cameras into their heads as they are moving quickly, which can make recording unstable. In such cases, you can use the chest mount harness that allows you to mount the GoPro Fusion on the chest . The headgear ensures that you can use your GoPro even when you are not wearing a helmet.

Buy from Amazon: $ 9.99

12. HAPY Pet Dog Harness for GoPro Fusion

There are many users out there who like to mount their GoPro cameras on their pet dogs to record their activities. If you want to do that too, the HAPY pert dog equipment for GoPro Fusion can help you do just that. The bracelet allows users to easily attach GoPro Fusion to the dogs’ back or chest . To make the experience comfortable for your dogs, the harness contains adjustable elastic straps that can be loosened or tightened to fit dogs between 10 and 110 pounds (5 to 50 kg). The entire harness is also lined with premium soft foam, ensuring that your pet does not experience any discomfort.

Buy from Amazon: $ 17.99

13. GoPole Bobber

GoPole Bobber is an essential accessory for your GoPro Fusion, if you like to take your GoPro to swim. The Bobber is basically a hand mount for your GoPro Fusion that doesn’t sink . This means that even if you drop your GoPro Fusion in the pool or lake, it will still float on the surface. Bobber is also painted in bright yellow, allowing you to locate it easily even from a distance. If you don’t want to lose your GoPro Fusion while swimming, buy the GoPole Bobber.

Buy from Amazon: $ 21.85

14. GoPro The Tool

It is the cheapest GoPro Fusion accessory on this list, but it is one of the most important. As its name suggests, the GoPro tool is a tool that helps you to easily tighten the GoPro thumbscrews . The tool will be useful whenever you mount your GoPro Fusion on any device. If you want to ensure that your GoPro Fusion is securely attached to your equipment and doesn’t fall in the middle of a recording, you should definitely keep this tool close at hand.

Buy from Amazon: $ 4

15. GoPro Seeker

The last accessory on our list is the GoPro Seeker, which is a sports bag from GoPro itself. The bag has been specially designed to help you carry GoPro cameras. The bag has separate compartments and can accommodate up to six different GoPro cameras, multiple batteries and microSD cards, mounting accessories and much more. If you carry a lot of equipment along with several GoPro cameras, you should definitely buy this bag. The bag also comes with built-in chest and shoulder supports that allow you to use your GoPro Fusion even with your backpack.

Buy from Amazon: $ 169

Unlock the full potential with the best GoPro Fusion accessories

GoPro Fusion is currently the best action camera that GoPro makes and brings a ton of features that can help you capture some really cool photos. However, the camera alone is almost useless and you will need to buy some useful accessories that can help you unlock your full potential. I hope this article has helped you discover these accessories. Let us know what your favorite accessory is by writing in the comments section below.