15 apps to shop online without leaving home

15 apps to shop online without leaving home

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Fancy is an international community of salespeople, made up of designers, architects and other professionals. The ones sold on the net are unique articles, with finishing and innovative proposal, which are hardly found in conventional department stores. Fancy's problem, basically, is the values, since the user needs to do a lot of research before joining any exclusive gadget or accessory.

fancy new store store
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Netshoes is the largest online retailer of sporting goods, mainly shoes. All items in the store are sectored, for children, adults, women and men, for example. In addition to shoes, the store sells sporting goods, accessories and clothing, all separated into other modalities, where the user can choose the type of sport desired to get more matching offers.

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Netshoes – Buy Sporting Goods Online
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Amazon has not yet made available all departments of its store in Brazil, as with the back of the American store. However, users can purchase through Amazon's official app digital and physical books, in addition to the company's digital reader, the Kindle. Digital books can be linked to the user's Amazon account and synced to the eBook.

There are sections with offers of the day and custom filters for different genres and book themes. Specific titles may be favored. The very simple and light app.

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Amazon Shopping – Offers
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American stores

Those looking for furniture, electronics, appliances and even technology articles in general can find the solution in Lojas Americanas app. The department store is one of the largest in Brazil, and offers a simple application and well organized interface. All departments are divided by sections.

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American: Best Online Shopping
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I got sick

I got one of the feelings of the moment. This is because the network is made up of users interested in buying and selling new and used items at more affordable prices in some cases. All sectors of the store are divided by the sections offered within the app. It can be said that Najoei is a safer and more modern version of the Free Market.

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nausea – buy, sell: P
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Buscap is a price comparator, perfect for those who love to do a lot of research before deciding, or for those who are in doubt of the best buy option. The application is very practical, just put the name of the product in the search bar, compare prices in different online stores, thus ensuring the best investment and send bullet.

buscape app stores store
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Buscap – Offers and discounts
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With the slogan Buy has become more fun the app ensures that the user experience with the same will be the best. In the app you will find various fashion and beauty products with discounts of up to 80%. Delivery may take a while as the product comes from china, but if you are not in a hurry, it is worth it.

wiish app store store
Wish / AndroidPIT

Wish – Buy Fun
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Urban fish

Like Groupon, Peixe Urbano is a mass buying application, meaning package prices will only be valid if they reach a certain number of buyers, while the more people buy, the lower the value of the product can get. Offerings range from restaurant reservations, concert tickets, travel packages to beauty treatments and services.

The application is completely free and has discounts of up to 80% included in the offers, plus extra discount codes constantly posted on social networks. Discounts are presented to you according to your region and payments can be paid up to 12 times.

urban fish app store
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Urban fish
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Kanui is an online sportswear store with sportswear, footwear, accessories and sports equipment, with various discounts and very fair prices. The application works perfectly allowing the use of discount codes making your order even cheaper. The installment can be made in up to 12x without interest and your purchase has 30 free days for the possible exchange of the order.

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Kanui – Online Shopping
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Developed by Wish.Inc, just like the Wish app mentioned above, Geek is a shopping app for discounted electronic gadgets that is sometimes even unbelievable. The application is completely free, but purchases may take a while (up to a few months) to arrive and may, depending on the value, be taxed to Brazilian customs.

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Geek / AndroidPIT

Geek – Smart Shopping
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Alibaba Group's online store has a huge catalog with great discounts and many products with free shipping. AliExpress is made up of suppliers from different countries, mainly Chinese. Similar products need to be evaluated and compared, as the price difference between them can be considerable.

Payment can be made through bank slip, debit and credit card, as well as electronic payment. Delivery times may vary depending on the seller's location, which may take up to 6 months.

aliexpress apps store store
AliExpress / AndroidPIT

Check out our app test below, which explains all the steps you must take to make a purchase through AliExpress:

AliExpress Shopping App – Coupons For New User
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Dafiti is one of Brazil's largest retailers in the fashion, home goods and wearables segments. The store is a brand aggregator and has the most famous and popular. All items in the store are warranted and are enabled in the company's exchange program, from accessories, decoration items, clothes, shoes, etc.

There is an option to form a wish list, with the products you plan to buy in the future. For buyers of clothing and shoes who are in doubt about the dimensions and dimensions of a product, an icon for personalized service available in the application.

dafiti apps store store
Dafiti / AndroidPIT

Dafiti – Your smartfashion
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The app offers bundles for group purchases with discounts on offers that vary according to the membership fee. That is, the more people buy a package, the more economical it can get. Low season travel packages are up to 75% off. Discounts are offered at restaurants, parks, movie theaters and clothing stores.

Groupon also searches for discounts close to the user through location services. O voucher with the authorization of the discount to be used in the chosen establishment sent by email after payment confirmation.

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The American auction network is also accessible to Brazilians. The eBay app is not fully translated into Portuguese, you will find many products with information in English. Each auctioned product has a time to be auctioned. The values ​​are in dollars, but you can see the real value in the product description.

Users should be aware of customer feedback as the network is made up of sellers associated with eBay. Registration can only be done manually with the provision of personal data, without the option of link with social networks.

ebay apps store store
eBay / AndroidPIT

Payment must be made through an international credit card or PayPal, and the exchange rate and IOF will apply if the balance available on the service is different from US $. Delivery may vary by seller's location and in some cases may take up to 5 months.

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Free market

The Free Market is a community of sellers who sell various types of products. The big secret to a successful purchase is to carefully read the delivery comments from other customers and the amount of seller reviews for each completed purchase.

The very minimalist store app is based on browsing through categories. Payment methods vary according to those provided by the supplier of the goods. Bank slip, PagSeguro, PayPal, national credit card and electronic payment, are among the most used.

free market app store store
Free Market / AndroidPIT

Free market
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And you, which application or website to make your purchases?

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