15 apps to improve and monitor sleep

Sleep the best way to rest your body and mind, but not everyone can get a peaceful or uninterrupted night's sleep. It can be difficult to find out for yourself the possible causes for poor sleep quality. Or even find out how to fall asleep faster. Fortunately, there are many apps that serve exactly to improve and monitor user sleep.

They can be used to analyze your sleep, wake you up to its lighter phase in the morning and even to sleep faster with relaxing sounds. To choose the best sleep enhancing and monitoring app, check out our top tips below!

1. Sleep Cycle

monitor sleep sleepcycle

To start our list, we have Sleep Cycle. It serves to monitor sleep and improve sleep quality as you need it. This can mean until the app wakes you up during a lighter sleep phase. This is one of the ways to ensure a more natural awakening and make you feel more rested.

This is easily one of the most popular sleep apps today, so it's worth checking out. You can download it for free on your Android or iPhone.

2. Pillow

Pillow is also a good option to consider. He can monitor your sleep, analyze your different stages and wake you up at the best time for a peaceful awakening.

He can also check your heart rate and set the quality of your overall sleep. The app can be used for free, but many cool features are available in the paid version.

It can be used on your iPhone or Apple Watch, whichever you prefer. You can check more and download the app through the App Store.

3. AutoSleep

Already AutoSleep does not give much choice and you really need Apple Watch to use it. Fortunately, it makes good use of everything Apple's smartwatch has to offer to monitor users' sleep.

It's nice that you only have to do an initial setup and the app takes care of the rest for you. It will analyze your sleep, show its quality and various other information. You can see more about him by accessing the link.

4. Sleep Cycle Power Nap

Sleep Cycle Power Nap is a different version of the first app we recommend. Although it serves to analyze and monitor sleep, it focuses more on naps than sleep at night.

There are even some nap options available, including a 20 and 45 minute mode. It's good that he can wake you up before you fall into deep sleep, which keeps you from feeling very sleepy the rest of the day.

It is a very interesting option and is an alternative for those who want to test something out of the standard. You can download the app on your iPhone.

5. Sleep Time

sleep time app

Sleep Time is more like other apps on the list. It can be used to monitor sleep and, after gathering enough data, show graphs with detailed information of the analysis you have done.

Like so many others, it has a feature to wake you up exactly during the lighter phase of your sleep signal. Other than that, there is a menu with quiet sounds and audio to help you sleep.

The very cool option, especially for those who have trouble sleeping in general. If you're curious, d to check out more about the app right on your Android.

6. Smart Alarm Clock

The Smart Alarm Clock is an app for monitoring sleep, but its focus a little different. As its name implies, it serves more as an alarm clock than anything else.

So your biggest concern is predicting exactly when is the best time to wake you up. It uses your habits, sleep quality and what stage you are in to make that decision.

The app can be used for free, but there are cool features in the paid version. This even includes some relaxing sounds that you can use to fall asleep or wake up. Check out more through the link and if the paid version interests you, check out this tutorial on how to download free paid apps on Android in a totally cool way!

7. Rain Sounds

Rain Sounds is fully geared for those looking for a faster sleeping app. We already mentioned some apps that have soothing sounds, but that's the specialty of this one.

It has several different rain sounds for those who want something very calm and without some talking for relaxed sleep. It can be downloaded for free and does not use much of your smartphone battery. Check it out more and download it on your Android.

8. SnoreLab

Already the SnoreLab aimed at those who have trouble snoring at night. He can detect these sounds and record them to monitor your sleep and provide data to help you in the coming nights.

The app also considers your eating and even drinking habits to determine what may be causing the problem. See more through the following link.

9. Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is another app for those who want to get to sleep faster. It also features soothing sounds and music that can help you enhance the way you sleep.

The cool thing is that it has many different sounds and frequencies that you can select from. This includes sounds of nature or other specific melodies to help you sleep.

Another advantage is to set a timer that play these sounds after you fall asleep. You can download the app on your iPhone.

10. Sleepzy

monitor sleep sleep

The most conventional sleepzy when monitoring the user's sleep. It analyzes your movements at night, your other habits, your hours of sleep and shows important information.

This way, it shows you what can be done or changed in your routine to improve the quality of your sleep. Like so many others, it can also be used to wake you up at the best time. Check out more on Android.

11. Sleepio

Sleepio is another great app for those who have trouble falling asleep. Your focus teach and help you sleep more easily.

With it, the user will make 20-minute sessions to learn cognitive and behavioral techniques for sleep more easily. It can be used for free at this time, as shown in the link.

12. Calm

Calm is a good option for those who not only want relaxing sounds, but images of this type as well. It can be used only for faster sleep or for meditating before bed.

Even so, he offers some specific meditations to do before sleep. All are guided meditations, which means that you will have instructions to perform them in the best way.

It's really worth checking out if you want to start having a more relaxing sleep. Check out more using the following link.

13. Good Morning Alarm Clock

The Good Morning Alarm Clock another that serves more as an alarm clock. Still, it is used to analyze and monitor sleep, using this information to know when is the best time to wake you up.

This ensures that you wake up without being scared or drowsy for the rest of the day. Really the kind of app everyone should use. Check out more about it on your iPhone.

14. aSleep

ASleep is an extremely simple app to help you fall asleep. It features dozens of different sounds and melodies that you can use to relax before and while sleeping at night.

Its great advantage over other apps of this type that you can combine the sounds. All the way you want and find it more relaxing. Check it out and more at the following link.

15. Pzizz

monitor pzizz sleep

Finally, we have Pzizz, which has been considered one of the best sleep apps. He uses some psychology studies to explore how different sounds can impact the way you sleep and sleep at night.

This way, it does not offer simple sounds like the others that can be chosen by users. Instead, there is a mix of sound effects, music and even narrations to calm your mind, lessen your anxiety and make you sleep.

The idea is really interesting and the app even has a challenge that makes you use it for 7 days until you subscribe to the premium version. You can check out the free test right on your Android.

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