15 amazing places in Brazil to visit on Street View

15 amazing places in Brazil to visit on Street View

15 amazing places in Brazil to visit on Street View

Developed from the bold idea of ​​founder Larry Page to create a 360-degree map of the world, Street View has a mission to make the world’s heritage and beauty accessible to everyone through technology.

Since then, images of about 15 million kilometers have been collected with Google cars or by contributors to the platform.

In Brazil, Street View passed through iconic places like Lençóis Maranhenses, the Amazon River basin and the Fernando de Noronha archipelago.

Check out 15 incredible places in Brazil to discover via Street View:

1- Rio Negro Reserve

The Amazon region has a wealth of species and beauty. Google Street View provides images of one of the places that represents the region well, the Rio Negro Reserve. With Street View, you can navigate the Rio Negro and see images taken over 30 miles from the coast, forest, remote villages, among other options.

2- MaracanĂŁ Stadium, Rio de Janeiro

For football lovers, it is possible to check out MaracanĂŁ in the smallest details, from the imposing structure to the green lawn.

3 – Morumbi Stadium, in São Paulo

Also check out the Morumbi Stadium, home to soccer classics and also a place where great names in music have passed.

4 – Copacabana Palace

Google takes you on a tour of the Copacabana Palace, one of the most iconic places in Rio de Janeiro.

5 – Selarón Staircase, Rio de Janeiro

The SelarĂłn Staircase is also one of the symbols of Rio de Janeiro, a destination for tourists from all over the world.

6 – Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer can be seen, without waiting in lines!

7 -Marquis of SapucaĂ­

Carnival is coming. Take a stroll through the Marquis of SapucaĂ­ and experience the magic of the great event.

8 – Ipiranga Museum

The Ipiranga Museum is one of the great icons of art in SĂŁo Paulo. Now, in a period under construction, it can still be seen through Street View.

9 – Fernando de Noronha

In 2015, Google held Brazil’s first underwater Street View, entitled to a tour of the ocean floor.

10- Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba (PR)

The Oscar Niemeyer Museum, in Curitiba, transported to the digital world some of the main exhibitions that have already visited the place.

11 – Inhotim, Minas Gerais

Inhotim it is the largest open-air contemporary art museum in the world. With Street View you can walk around the museum, its surroundings and check the collection of available works.

12 – Lençóis Maranheses National Park, Maranhão

The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is known for its beautiful landscape of large white sand dunes and seasonal rainwater lagoons.

13 – National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro

The National Museum of Fine Arts, located in Rio de Janeiro concentrates the largest collection of works of art of the 19th century, being one of the most important museums of its kind in the country.

14 – Dona Marta Lookout, Rio de Janeiro

Want a tourist spot with cinema-worthy images? A good option is the Mirante Dona Marta.

15- National Museum, Rio de Janeiro

The National Museum can be visited virtually thanks to images captured by Street View before the fire that destroyed it in 2018. Today, these images are part of the virtual collection about the museum on the Google Arts & Culture platform