14th APDC Congress – Regulatory environment favorable to the incumbent discussed by competing operators

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

The representatives of Oni and SonaeCom, on the panel of the 14th APDC Congress dedicated to the capital market, underlined the importance of more effective regulation, as a factor that stimulates the market and facilitates access to capital for companies competing with the incumbent. Jorge Morais, CFO of Oni, even defended that PT’s access network should be autonomous in terms of accounting and management, in order to increase market transparency.

The same official welcomed the opening of the Public Administration market to new operators, referring to the diploma that will be approved today by the Government in the Council of Ministers and which requires the market to be consulted before the acquisition of communications.

According to Jorge Morais this is an extremely important market that should be worth around 200 million euros. Oni’s CFO also referred to the company’s financial evolution for the coming years. Towards the end of this year, ONI forecasts EBITDA of 25 million euros, for revenues of 350 million euros. Next year, the operator is expected to reach cash flow positive.

PT invests 750 million euros annually

PT, through Zeinal Bava, CFO of SGPS, defended itself against the accusations of a favorable regulatory system, which contributes to the maintenance of high margins with some numbers of company investments. According to him, the operator invests 750 million euros annually to maintain its place in the market and guarantee the fulfillment of the necessary requirements to raise capital. Of these, 150 million euros are destined to fulfill the necessary requirements for the provision of the universal fixed telephony service.

Zeinal Bava also explained that the reduction of 10,000 employees that PT has been carrying out will cost the company 2.5 billion euros over a period of four to five years, being one of the most important measures taken by the company to maintain margins and reduce costs.

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