14th APDC Congress – Anacom to launch study to assess the quality of broadband and narrow Internet service

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Pedro Duarte Neves, the newly appointed president of Anacom, today made his first public presentation after taking office at the panel of the State of the Nation, which traditionally marks the last day of the APDC Congresses. The person in charge of the communications regulator aligned his vision on regulation and scheduled some of the priorities.

Among the measures to be promoted in the coming months, Pedro Duarte Neves referred to the launch of a study to assess the quality of the broadband and narrowband Internet access service. Anacom’s president stated that this study will be launched because there is a significant increase in customer complaints in this area.

Anacom has been developing other studies to assess the quality of networks, such as the mobile networks. Pedro Duarte Neves considered this quality assessment area to be of fundamental importance and recalled that in September the reinforcement of the quality analysis of mobile networks had already been announced.

As the president of Anacom also promised, the market analysis schedule was published on the regulator’s website today, highlighting the deliberation on the relevant markets in the narrow band for December 2005, the month in which the public consultation on the relevant markets in mobile services.

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