140 characters is too little? Split your story into multiple tweets with this Mac app

140 characters is too little? Split your story into multiple tweets with this Mac app

The intention behind Twitter is to make us express ourselves in just 140 characters. However, there are those who like or eventually need a little more space to share their thoughts, opinions or information. For these, 140 characters are not enough, which “forces” them to divide their “history” into several tweets.

If you are one of those people, the Mac app Electric-Pork make your job easier!

Electric Pork for Mac

The application allows you to write the text as long as you want without worrying about the traditional 140 characters; then it “converts” your text automatically into multiple tweets, indicating their numbering. If you want to start a new tweet, you can do it simply by starting a new paragraph (skipping line).

It is very basic: on the left, you see the details / settings of the app and a space to log in; in the center, there is a text space for you to start your “Twitterstorming” and just below you see how the tweets will stay when they are divided into several.

There are still a few more options found in the gear icon on the left bar. It is possible to define the numbering scheme (if you want to remove the total number or change the symbol that separates the numbers), modify the seconds between tweets (by default, just one second), add a URL of feed RSS so people can follow you, post in reverse chronological order and also add tags standard to all tweets.

The design of the app has nothing to worry about; in fact, it closely resembles Twitter's web page. There are many features that are not yet available and some bugs can be found in the current version. Still, as an interesting app because I can keep the draft safe even if we close it.

In addition, the developer of Eletric-Pork, Dave Winer, asks people to test his app to give him feedback, that is, it is more like a public beta version and, as far as possible, new improvements are being implemented (for example, you note that the name at the top of the app is still “Little Pork Chop”, old). The app can be downloaded directly from this link (ZIP).

(via 9to5Mac)