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14-year-old developer stands out with Apple Arcade game

14-year-old developer stands out with Apple Arcade game

Allow me to change the saying “Who sees a guy, doesn’t see a heart” for “Anyone who sees an app doesn’t see a developer”. This is the story of Sprice Campbell, a young American just 14 years old who developed the game Operator 41, available on Apple Arcade. Can you believe?

Campbell told in an interview for VICE how he struggled to learn programming when he was just 8 years old. At 12, he won a BAFTA Games Awards for his game CyberPNK; things progressed further when he received a scholarship to participate in the WWDC19 last June, giving him the opportunity to send Operator 41 to Apple.

When I saw the Apple Arcade ad in March, I dropped everything and decided to build a brand new game. I thought that the games that would really fit for the Apple Arcade would probably be designed from scratch, so I created a spy game that would work across all platforms on the service.

Even at a young age (and his relatively short time in the development world), Campbell has already discovered what App Store developers have been saying in recent years: they just can’t make money selling apps and games anymore, as seen in making of Operator 41.

The advantage of the App Store is that someone, like a 14-year-old, can simply publish their own game, and I love having creative control and the speed at which I can deliver it. [novos recursos] for my players. The downside is that, in today’s App Store, people expect games to be free and every design I make should be monetized, which made it difficult to implement the diversity of ideas I had.

Operator 41 is now available on Apple Arcade – remembering that a subscription of R $ 10 per month is required to access the service.

Crossy Road Castle

While some celebrate publishing their games on the Apple Arcade, others are eager to debut their titles there. This is the case of Hipster Whale, developer of hit Crossy Road, which will expand the popular franchise with the introduction of a new game, called Crossy Road Castle – which will arrive at the Apple service later this year.

The news was announced today through a trailer for the game, which features gameplay in the style of the main title of the franchise. Check out:

Crossy Road is available on a number of platforms, but given the Apple Arcade’s exclusive restrictions, the future Crossy Road Castle will be available only for iGadgets and therefore will not reach Android.

Xbox Wireless Controller at the Apple Store

Now that players can connect the Xbox Wireless Controller iPhone / iPad and Apple TV to play your favorite titles, Apple made a deal with Microsoft to sell the joystick of your console in the American Apple Store.

Until then, the company had sold only a few third-party controls on its online store, but had not directly distributed options from manufacturers like Microsoft.

It is not just a control. It’s your sword that kills the enemy, the golden arm of your pitcher, your salvation from the lava. Play Apple Arcade with your favorite controller. Here’s how to pair an Xbox Wireless Controller to your Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone:

It is good to remember that you can also connect DualShock 4 (from PlayStation 4) to iOS devices and Apple TV; Apple, however, has not (yet?) started selling this accessory on its website. Xbox Wireless Control is available for $ 60 in the Apple Store.

via iMore, 9to5Mac, MacRumors