14 tips for gaining Instagram followers in 2020

14 tips for gaining Instagram followers in 2020

Gain real followers on Instagram the desire of many companies and people who dream of becoming social influencers. To increase the number of followers It is necessary to dedicate time and attention to your account. As well as observing the behavior of profiles that inspires you.

The following tips can also help to increase engagement organically and, in the long run, even generate financial results.

It is worth mentioning that the purchase of followers is an unsuitable practice and your profile may be penalized by the social network. In addition, fake profiles do not interact and therefore do not add value to your posts.

1. Define your strategy

Instagram feed specialized in plants

Self-knowledge the keyword. Before launching in search of followers, it is essential to make a reflection. You need to define what type of message you want to pass through your profile.

Be humorous, self-help, promotion of products or services, fashion or makeup tips? The universe of options is quite vast and deciding which way to go helps to win over an audience that identifies with the theme.

Addressing many issues in a superficial way makes it more difficult to convey credibility.

2. Know your target audience

Mobile screen displaying Instagram Insights

Try to understand who follows your profile. Are they young people studying, adults who want to travel, men and women interested in learning self-makeup?

Identifying who is consuming your content helps to improve communication with these people. And to better understand what kind of subject they want, attracting more users with a common interest.

One way to get to know your audience using the Instagram Insight tool, available for profiles defined as commercials. The resource shows information such as gender, age range and location of your followers. In addition to indicating data on likes and comments from your publications.

3. One post per day, at least

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It is essential that your profile is consistent and maintain a minimum amount of weekly posts. According to digital marketing consultant Neil Patel, the ideal is to post 1 to 2 photos or videos per day in the feed and 5 to 30 stories every 24 hours.

In addition, it is recommended to do one live per day, always at the same time. Thus, your profile appears prominently in the stories and can attract the attention of your followers. To find the time that works best, the tip is to test. Make posts informing the time of your lives.

According to a survey carried out by the visual marketing tool Tailwind, profiles that publish seven or more times a week gain more likes and gain followers faster than those that post less frequently.

4. Plan your posts

In order to achieve the goal of posts, stories and lives, it is important to get organized and create a kind of planning calendar. Stay tuned for commemorative dates as well as topics that are in high demand at the moment to include among the topics you can address.

If possible, get the week's posts ready and use a scheduling tool to schedule them. Thus, you do not run the risk of going someday without publishing and, consequently, without being seen on the social network.

Graphic with the best times to post on InstagramReproduction / Social Sprout

According to the social media management company SproutSocial, the best times to post on the network are Wednesdays at 11am and Friday, between 10am and 11am. The period that would generate the least engagement would be between 11 pm and 3 am, of any day.

5. Look great

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A harmonic and attractive feed can serve as a gimmick for followers. After all, the visual part is the first way to get attention on the social network. According to Neil Patel, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than texts.

Try to create a visual identity for your photos and videos. Something that, when someone looks, can identify who produced it, no matter how much you or your brand does not appear.

This familiarity can be created by including a font with personality, a logo, a symbol or icon or even a color palette. Another way to use the same filter constantly. These modifications will be made with the aid of a simple photo or video editing app.

Regarding the content, always try to deliver something original and of interest to your audience. Care about the aesthetics of the photo or video, taking care that the composition is pleasing to the eye.

6. Invest in Bio

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The Bio or Biography is the seo to describe the profile. The ideal is to take advantage of the small space in the best possible way, saying in a few words why someone should follow you.

Look closely at all aspects. Look at the profile picture, identify yourself easily, preferably without foreign language. If you have a website or a WhatsApp commercial account, provide the access link. Moderate use of emojis is allowed.

Check out how to do well in your presentation in the article How to create an interesting Bio for your Instagram.

7. Take advantage of the tools that Instagram offers

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Instagram has a number of features that help to increase visibility and also interact with your followers. Whenever possible, take surveys or use the Stories question box, expanding the dialogue.

Mark your location using geotags and appear on the related images of those searching for that place. Produce video content and share on IGTV, increasing your chances of appearing in the section To explore.

Check other users or companies that have an affinity with your profile. If, by any chance, they like its content, they can share it to thousands or millions of people. Take advantage of the tools that the network gives you.

8. #apostenashashtags

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See the most popular Instagram hashtags by category

Although there is no unanimity on the ideal amount, Instagram allows you to insert up to 30 hashtags per publication. A study by the management service Buffer showed that publications with 11 tags or more generate more engagement. If you're not so inspired, use at least five terms.

If you choose the right hashtags, you may be able to attract followers to your profile. A good way to evaluate what to use with the competition or users who serve as inspiration. It is also indicated to avoid very vague terms, like #instalove or #food.

A trick that many profiles use to not "pollute" the caption is to put the hashtags in a comment and not in the description of the post.

9. Write large captions

How to skip line on Instagram: 3 ways to give space in the text

It may seem contradictory, since Instagram is a social network that values ​​images. However, the platform offers a space of 2200 characters, which allows the elaboration of a text of considerable size.

It is possible to explore the resource and get deeper into a certain subject. Thus, demonstrating mastery of the topic and increases the chances of receiving comments.

At first, only the first three lines of the text are displayed. Therefore, you need to invest in a content with an introduction that holds your attention and makes you want to press the Mais button.

According to the Fohr influencer marketing service, in 2020, Instagram posts average 405 characters, which is roughly 65, 70 words. The study shows that, in that same year, publications with more text have a slightly higher engagement than shorter ones.

10. Encourage interaction in your posts

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When it comes to writing the caption, think of ways to get your followers to interact with the profile. Ask questions, ask for testimonials or encourage them to mark friends who would like or identify with the publication in comments.

This strategy known as Call-to-Action (CAT), a term that can be translated, literally, as a call to action.

11. Don't stay still, go after followers

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Unfollow apps to monitor followers on Instagram and Twitter

Following the profiles of those who are interested in your content is a way to increase your number of followers. The best way to do this is by monitoring competitor accounts or inspiring accounts. After all, the users who follow them seem to like the subject that you also discuss.

By producing quality and visually appealing content, it is possible to be followed back. Specialist Neil Patel recommends that you follow 50 people every hour. But don't get carried away and go over that number. The platform may suspect you are a robot and block your profile.

12. Search for partnerships and colabs

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When a profile is still in its infancy, it can be difficult to partner with other profiles or brands. But who said you need to look for partners with millions of followers?

By allying yourself with someone with a target audience similar to yours, you can attract attention to your service, product or content. It is important, however, that this association is consistent with the speech of your profile.

In addition, it is essential that you are sure to collaborate with a reliable partner. A wrong choice can undermine your own credibility.

13. Create promotions and contests

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If you are able to afford or produce a prize, creating contests and promotions can be a good alternative to gain followers. If you don't want to spend too much, join other profiles to share your expenses.

After deciding what the winner will win, define all the action carefully and pay close attention to the contest rules. Currently, many promotions require that participants follow the profiles of partners, mark friends in the comments of the official photo or that the post be shared in the stories.

Just be careful that the spell doesn't turn against the sorcerer. If it imposes too many conditions to participate, it can cause users to be lazy, generating low engagement and, consequently, little visibility.

Stay tuned: I need to follow certain rules to run contests on Instagram. Find out all about it at Raffle apps to boost your campaigns and promotions.

14. Share content on other platforms

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Did you publish a photo or video on Instagram? Why not share the content on your other social networks? Of course, it is important to take into account the particularities of each platform and post only the type of content that best suits them.

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